The CAP: An Unexpected Complication?

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The CAP: An Unexpected Complication?
by Lambda

The shrubbery along one corner of Omar's Chancellorial mansion had a sign "Warning: Poison Ivy". There was no poison ivy there, actually, but it was a safeguard against certain amazons hiding in those particular bushes.
Chancellor Omar peered out from a trap door hidden on the ground behind these shrubs, to make sure no one was nearby.
He chuckled to himself, confident that no one would catch on.

"Come, O.M.A.R.," he said behind him as he climbed out the trap door and brushed dirt off his pants legs.
A nearly exact duplicate of Omar emerged behind, his motions accentuated by the sounds of servos and gears.
"Yes...sir...." this second Omar said in a somewhat tinny version of the true Omar's voice.
It was a perfect scheme. Omar would have his robot duplicate, created back when he was a student and wanted to avoid going to non-massage-related classes, take his place on the trip to Lost Wages.

And Omar would stay behind, in disguise, and prowl around to see what the CAs were up to.
Omar glanced around once more and then reached into a duffel bag, pulling out.... a long dress and a wig. A long flowing prairie dress and a curly blonde wig, to be specific. Omar quickly pulled them on, then opened a compact and applied lipstick to his mouth.
Omar's Mechanical Alterego Robot stood by impassively.
After a moment, Omar's disguise was complete. In the place of the handsome hunter stood... a fairly ugly girl. Lambda, by name. A reclusive lurker by reputation. And all along, a secret alternate identity for the wily snake.

O.M.A.R. and "Lambda" emerged from the shrubs, and some Amazons caught sight of them and giggled, thinking they had just seen Chancellor Omar and some blonde they didn't recognize emerge from a secret rendezvous.
Lambda (Omar) looked each direction, then took O.M.A.R. by the hand and led him along.
"You know the drill," Lambda (Omar) whispered.
"Yes... sir..." O.M.A.R. replied.

Lambda (Omar) was a bit worried, truth be told. O.M.A.R. was programmed to act like the chancellor, but he didn't have the deviousness down pat. He just hoped the CAs wouldn't notice it until they had sent O.M.A.R. off to Lost Wages, and the real Omar had snuck around to find out what was really going on....

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