Bt takes a Holiday.

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Bt takes a Holiday...
by Bt

“You want me to what???!!!”

“There’s no need to shout.” The diminutive goddess replied in her usual calm quiet voice. “Are you getting hard of hearing in your old age?” With a rather theatrical sigh, she repeated her request. “ I said I need you to run a small errand for me. It will only take a few days and the situation can not wait.”

“Impossible!” The harried AC replied. And then, trying to calm down a little. “Do you see this paper work I’ve got stacked up? I can’t just go off and leave it. And there’s new students arriving. I have to see they are settled in their classes. The Rat Pack is threatening a strike at the APD over extra holidays and more fringe benefits. And I didn’t even mention wb running off and leaving Maurice in charge of the Battlefield. With Kel living in the rooms on the second floor, someone has to be there to prevent the havoc that is sure to break out. I’m sorry Moira I simply can’t take off on one of your wild crusades right now.”

“I thought that was why you hired those assistants. You’ve been griping about working too hard for ages now. So give them a chance to prove themselves while you are gone. You WILL leave in two days, impossible or not. It is your Destiny.”

Bt. knew better than to argue with that final pronouncement and just folded her arms on her desk and laid her head down in defeat. “All right, all right. Two days to get ready, you say? Where am I going if I might be so bold to ask?”

“You have always been bold enough to ask,” Moira chuckled, “That doesn’t mean I’m always going to give you the answers, though. Oh. I’d pack some warm clothes, if I were you.”

“Wonderful!” the AC answered, with more than a little sarcasm in her voice. “And what is it
again I’m supposed to be doing on this little trip?”

“Oh just the usual, stopping a war between a couple of minor deities before it spills over into
something bigger.”

“Minor deities?” Bt questioned. “Just how minor are we talking, here?”

“A couple of frost giants, nothing major, yet, anyway.” The goddess replied as she examined her fingernails.

“Oh, nice! Do I get any help on this venture?”

“Well, there’s the WonderDog, of course, and I think an old friend of yours will be along this way about the time you’re leaving. I’m sure you could persuade the Engineer to go along, just for old times sake..”

Bt’s eyes lit up at the mention of one of her oldest and dearest friends. A small smile played across her lips as she remembered the many close calls she  and The Engineer had weathered in the past. Her reverie was broken, though, by Moira’s voice, as she disappeared in her signature cloud of white misty fog, “Two days, Bt!! Be ready!!”


Posted on Sep 06 1999, 09:44 AM

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