The CAP: Bye, Bye, Chancellors

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The CAP: Bye, Bye, Chancellors....
by Bt

Bye, Bye, Chancellors....

The arrival of Hades’ Chariot at the gates of Deb U could signal one of two things. Either some poor unfortunate Red Shirt Deb had bit the dust or Hades needed the help of his beautiful and talented assistant, Antares.

This particular morning, however, proved to be the exception to this rule because Hades arrived not to collect souls or assistants but to transport the Chancellors to the conference in Lost Wages.

It is a peculiar property of this chariot that no matter how much you load into it there is always room for a little more. So it was, that in spite of the number, size and weight of the luggage piled at the front of the chancellors mansion, all of it fit perfectly in the baggage area while there were  still plenty of roomy seats for all the chancellors in the front of the chariot.

Bt lead Nanaea down the mansion steps towards the chariot. Nan, with a rather dazed but happy look on her face clutched a large brown bag close to her and squinted at the sun. A large crowd of curious Debs were gathered in front of the mansion trying to see what was happening. A free show was an opportunity that was not missing by most of the Debs. As Bt glanced around looking for Nydiva in the crowd, she noticed Lambda standing off to the side. She was a tall, blond local girl, or so Bt assumed, who, while not a registered student, frequently audited Deb U classes. She wore a long flowing dress which covered her generously proportioned body from ankle to neck. Looking closer, Bt could see through her flawless makeup a distinct five o'clock shadow. "Poor thing", she thought, "Some one should really explain the use of depilatories to that child." Near by, Professor Cathbad, who was trying to see over the heads of the Deb U basketball team, noticed Lambda and walked over to her, engaging her in some sort of  conversation. Unfortunately, Bt wasn’t close enough to catch what was being said. Lambda, after a moment or two moved away from the professor who shrugged and then pushed his way forward to see what was happening.

Nydiva arrived then, carrying a large covered plate, “I’ve brought you a going away gift, Nan,” she said and handed her the plate. “Some cookies to munch on as you go along.”  “Cookies? My favorites?” Nan said peering under the cover and then dumping them quickly into her paper bag. “My favorites!” she said with a lopsided contented smile and patted the bag affectionately.  “We’ll just help you into the chariot, Nan.” Ny continued as she took Nan’s free arm and gently shoved her into the chariot. “There you are! All settled for your trip.,” she said, as Bt tucked a blanket around Nan’s knees.  “My cookies...” Nan said as she snuggled up to the bag.

Astraea, bounded down the steps with Keleos close behind. Although Asty had sent several bags down to the growing luggage pile earlier, she had decided to pack a few last minute things. Kel struggling with a large, heavy suitcase muttered, “She must have cleaned out the entire stock at the campus Shackle Shack.”  “Hurry up, Kel!” Asty turned and said to her harried CA. “We can’t keep Hades waiting! And where is Jackie?” she added glancing around. “You’d think she’d at least come to see me off.” “She’s probably still working on that paper you wanted her to write.” Kel replied, finally catching up to the chancellor. “And waiting till all the heavy lifting is done.” Kel added under her breath. “Probably,” Asty replied absently as she studied Hades stooping over to check the harness on his team. She watched as Antares came up to Hades, touched his arm and spoke softly to him. Asty frowned and then turning away she climbed into the chariot taking the seat next to Nan.

Hebea hurried down the steps hand in hand with Autolycus. Actually, she held his wrist in a vice like grip and tugged on his arm to keep him moving. Auto had a sort of “deer caught in the headlights” look in his eyes as he stumbled down the stairs. He caught Bt.’s eye in passing and mouthed, “Do I have to?” in her direction. A nod of Bt’s head sealed his fate. Actually they’d been over the whole thing the night before. With Bt explaining again why he had to be in Lost Wages and reminding him if he didn’t accept Hebea’s invitation he’d have to pay his own way to the conference. He, in turn tried to plead that he had family responsibilities, looking after Topa and Lady Blue. Bt, of course, reminded him that they were her family too, and she would see to them in his absence.

O.M.A.R stood impassively by the chariot his hand resting protectively on a large suitcase. If one looked very closely at it they might see several small holes cut in the surface of the bag. Charon, acting as Hadies’ porter started to take the bag to load with the rest of the luggage but O.M.A.R swatted his hand away from it and said in his rather tinny voice, “I will see to this one personally.” “Of course, Chancellor.” Charon replied, grateful he didn’t have to pick up the bag with his probable broken wrist and vowing to keep a watchful eye on that particular chancellor for the rest of the trip.O.M.A.R. glanced in the direction of Lambda and received a discrete nod of approval. “The master is pleased!” thought O.M.A.R. “I am doing well.” His circuitry glowed with pleasure as he loaded the bag into the luggage compartment. As he let go of the handle,  the bag wiggled a little on its own and O.M.A.R. heard a muffled sound from the interior. He patted the bag once more and leaning close to one of the holes said, “It will not be long before we leave.” He then climbed into the chariot with the others.

Just as everyone was getting settled in the chariot, Jackie, pushed her way through the crowd and called out to Astraea. “Here’s that paper you wanted, Asty. I’m sorry it took so long, but GingerSnap ate the first one so I had to do it over. Be careful the ink is still wet.” she gasped, as if she was still catching her breath from her run across campus. “Ah, yes, thank you Jackie.” Asty replied and hastily affixed her signature to the bottom of the
document. She then held out the pen for Nan, Hebea and O.M.A.R. to sign and handed the parchment back to Jackie.

Hades took up the reins and with a flourish, cracked his whip over the heads of his team turning  them down the drive to the gates of Deb U.  As the chancellors settled back in their plush seats, the Deb U Choir broke into their arrangement of the chancellor’s favorite song, “We Love You Chancellors!” They were on their way!

To be continued........

Posted on Aug 20 1999, 09:48 PM

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