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Hi Ho Silver
by Harbinger of Death

“I cannot wait until this thing is over,” grumbled Tern. “I am so sick of doing everybody else’s work.”

“I know it! I haven’t cleaned out the stables in forever. I’m too high of a level for this.” Chaska Shell grumbled as she shoveled out piles of horse apples.

“Well, I’m not, but it still stinks,” said Aphrael. “This is just not right.”

“You know, I have a thought,” said Shell, being the most experienced and therefore most devious of the three. “Since there’s nobody else here to do these things, there’s really nobody here to bust us if we don’t do them.”

The other girls looked at her. “You are a genius!” Tern said, tossing aside her shovel. “I am not doing this any more!”

“Yeah, let’s go for a ride!” Aphrael said, grabbing a saddle. They agreed, and picked out saddles as well.

“Who should we ride?” asked Shell, looking at the name plates.

“Oh, look!” pointed Tern. “These look nice. Angel, Sweet Thing and Sugar Cube.”

“They’re perfect!” Aphrael entered Angel’s stall and saddled her up.

What they didn’t notice was that the name plates were actually stickers over the real name plates. They read Demon, Wild Thing and Sour Puss. The girls prepared the horses and led them from the stalls, and as they tried to mount them, the horses went insane, throwing them off and rearing up.

“Oh no, something must have scared them!” cried Tern. They tried to calm the horses down, but they were like animals possessed, and their sharp hooves came down on the Debs with massive force, trampling them and crushing their skulls. Someone would have to come and shovel them out with the hay and dirt.

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