Introducing GingerSnap by Jackiesnap

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DUW: Introducing GingerSnap
by Jackiesnap

Introducing ....GingerSnap!

‘How did I get roped into this one?’, Jackie grumbled to her canine companion as they traveled home from a nearby village. Heidi looked at her owner and cocked her head in that time honored way of her species which means...’I’m listening but have no idea what the heck you just said.’

Jackie shuttered as she remembered the lengths she had to goto to convince some of the Universities creditors to wait for their dinars. She was definitely more suited to deviousness than diplomacy.

As a Chancellors Assistant she was expected to take some of the burden from the Chancellors, but lately the assistants had been doing the majority of the running of DebU. In addition, there had been some real concerns that the vault was getting extremely empty.

Jackie made a mental note to speak with Bluetopaz and some other trusted CA’s about the Chancellors increasing absence and the disappearing dinars.

Lost in devious thoughts, it took a few moments to notice that Heidi was no longer beside her. Backtracking and calling her friend, Jackie found her whining besides some thick bushes on the side of the trail.

Peering through the foliage, half expecting to run into her Mother ;), Jackie spotted a small furry form shivering in fear. Hearing it whine, she realized it wasn’t a wild animal and reached in to pull out a little puppy.

The little black and tan puppy soon lost it’s fear in Jackie’s arms and gave her a friendly lick on the face. ‘Yuck!’, Jackie said wiping off the slobber. The puppy had already wormed it’s way into her heart though and Jackie knew she now had two slobbering companions.

Noticing for the first time that the puppy was tied to the bush with a short rope, Jackie was angered to realize that someone had intentionally abandoned the little puppy to the elements. Jackie thought that the evil person who did that was very very lucky that she didn’t know who they were. She could use come whip practice...

‘Don’t worry puppy, you’ll come live with Heidi and me at the University. You’ll like it there.’

Jackie, still carrying the puppy, started home with Heidi trotting excitedly around her.   Heidi couldn’t wait to introduce her new friend to Lucky and the other animals at DebU.

‘Hmmm, I think I’ll call you GingerSnap. An I may need to add on to my suite to make room...*DG*’

Ginger was really abandoned at the SPCA as a newborn in the middle of winter. Twelve puppy’s were left in a box near the door in the middle of the night, with the mother tied up nearby. The mother was tied so that she couldn’t get to the puppy’s who were freezing.  Luckily, her barks woke the caretakers who lived next door, otherwise they all would have frozen. Ginger is now an energetic 6 month old. *g*

Posted on Jul 27 1999, 01:17 PM

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