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by Harbinger of Death

The Jack-O-Lantern carving party was going quite well. Several Debs carved away happily, making various faces in the squash. Alayna and Sha’oori directed some newbies in how to fashion some elaborate expressions.

“Good scowl, dolittle,” Alayna said. “Maybe a little heavier on the eyebrows though.”

“Okay, I think I can do that,” dolittle replied.

“Look at this surprised face of illusa’s!” Sha’oori said. “That’s pretty good!”

“It is!” Alayna said approvingly. “Oh no, Echos, you don’t eat the pumpkin seeds BEFORE we toast them...”

“Huh?” Echos looked like a hamster, cheeks puffed out nice and round. “S’okay to me.”

Harbinger of Death looked on. A creative option presented itself here. It would take more direct involvement, but that wasn’t an issue this year. He grinned and whispered a few words of enchantment to set the things in motion.

While the girls carved away, an eerie sound began to fill the air, faint at first but growing by the second.

“What is that?” illusa asked, frightened.

“It sounds like someone’s in pain,” Alayna said.

Sha’ agreed. “And it sounds like it’s coming from....”

“...the pumpkins!!” they said, and looked upon the orange faces in horror. For it was true, the pumpkins were crying out, and their stems were growing back into long, long vines. The girls dropped their projects and huddled together against the wall, watching in frozen terror as they came to life.

The pumpkins howled and groaned and moaned, and turned upon their assailants with verocity. They picked up the knives with their vines and came toward the Debs to exact like revenge. Screams filled the air as the pumpkins carved up the helpless girls. Blood spattered on the walls as the blades tore through their flesh time and time again, and when the fruits had finished their work, there were scowls and surprised looks painted in the skin of the friends who lay stabbed to death on the floor.

Posted on Oct 11 1999, 03:59 PM

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