The CAP: Readying the decoy, pt 2

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The CAP: Readying the decoy, pt 2
by Ladybug

And so the devious sister CAs coached Rose on taking Ladybug’s place on the trip to Lost Wages, assuming everything went according to plan. They taught her to walk and talk like her, to dress and do her hair like her. (“I can’t wear this!” she’d gasped, when they showed her the red leather minidress. “It’ll look great on you,” Ladybug told her, waving a scroll in front of her face to convince her.) They educated her about Omar and their history together, during which Bird was sworn to secrecy, since there were several parts even she hadn’t heard before. (“You’re joking!” Rose said. “You did THAT?” “And more, honey,” Ladybug chuckled.)

But it got sticky when it came to the trip itself. “We must be clear on this,” Rose said sternly. “I am engaged to Omar.”

“So am I,” Ladybug said. “What’s the problem? They’re the same guy, and you and I are the same girl. Otherwise I’d be jealous.”

“You don’t understand!” She was genuinely distressed. “I...I...”

“What is it, honey?” Bird put her arm around the girl. “You can tell us.”

“I’m...saving myself for my wedding night. I've abstained from carnal pleasures all my life.”

Ladybug and Bird just blinked for a moment and looked at each other.

“Oh dear.”

“This IS a problem.”

“I didn’t know that’s what you wanted,” Rose cried. “I thought I was just going away on a trip for a little while. It never occurred to me that you wanted me to do THAT! My Omar would never even suggest such a thing. He’s a perfect gentleman.”

“She’s definitely from an alternate universe,” Bird groaned. “What are we going to do?”

“I think we need to talk a little bit,” Ladybug said. “Rose, have you ever heard the term ‘faking it’?”

“Well, I suppose so, but I’d never cheat on a test,” Rose said, confused.

“I’m talking about your wedding night. You love Omar, right?”


“You want to make him happy.” Ladybug steeled her nerve and spoke through clenched teeth. “Serve his needs. Be a good little wife.”

“Exactly!” Rose said happily. “I’m so glad you understand!”

“Well, there are many ways for a wife to please her husband. And I don’t care what universe they’re from, men are alike in how they like to be....intimate.”

“Now you’ve lost me again.” Rose sighed.

“Think of this as a training ground. An open forum, if you will, wherein you can educate yourself on how to make sure your wedding night is the best thing that ever happened to Omar. He will be so thoroughly entranced by and enamoured with you, he’ll never even think of looking at another woman for the rest of his life.”

Now Rose, being female regardless of universe of origin, had a bit of a jealous streak in her, and this line of reasoning intrigued her, especially as there were certain CAs where she came from that she would like to see in a very cold and far away exchange student program. “Go on,” she said.

“Well, you see...” Ladybug began, and went on to describe the many ways she could wrap her Omar around her pinky finger for good. Rose’s eyes got wide, and then she began to smile. Perhaps she should make this one teeny sacrifice. It really would be for the good of their relationship.

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