The CAP: She works hard for the money ...

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The CAP: "She works hard for the money..."
by Bird

Stuck in Lost Wages with no money! The three Chancellors didn't know what to do. They'd never been in this predicament before. Money had always been plentiful and came easily to them. Now they had a huge bill to pay with no foreseeable way of paying it.

On top of that, chancellor Omar had disappeared with his assistant early that morning, so he wouldn't be around to help either. They had tried to get money sent from Deb U, but no one answered. Sitting in Hebea's room, Nan, still high from the special cookies that Nydiva had made for her burst out, "Does that mean we actually have to w-w-work? I've never had to work in my life. I wouldn't know where to begin."

Hebea looked at the nearly hysterical chancellor and said "Come on Nan. It's not the end of the world. We'll figure out something. Now calm down before you burst a blood vessel! Besides, I'd rather think  about how we can get back at those two faced   creeps back at Deb U who are enjoying *our* mansion while we're stuck here."

Asty stood up, grabbed a huge thick book, and let it drop to the floor with a loud bang. That stopped the squabbling long enough for her to say, "Enough! We need to take this energy and channel it into finding a solution to our problem. Now start thinking about what we can do to earn this money so we can pay our bill and get home."

Nan sniffled, trying to recover from the scare, and said, "My assistants always do everything for me. I don't know what I could do to earn money, other than using my most persuasive skills on some local hunters..."

Asty's eyes sparkled and a grin lit across her face. She said, "You're a genius! We could earn some good money very quickly if we can find a dance hall around here. You know, one like the Widow Twankey runs."

Hebea clapped her hands and said, "Yes, that would work. We are all such great dancers that hunters would
get in line just to dance with us again and again. Between the 3 of us, we can earn that money in no time."

The 3 chancellors high fived one another and set out to find Lost Wages' dance hall. Luckily, it was just right down the road so they didn't have to walk very far.

A big sign on the front of the building declared, "For a good time, come on inside." The 3 chancellors wandered into the dark hall. Asty was in the lead, and she stopped in the doorway causing the others to smack into one another.

The threesome fell into the hall in a loud commotion. They immediately started yelling at one another and didn't notice someone walking up. A loud "AHEM!" got their attention. They looked up at a huge man... from his big bald head, a big hooped earring in one ear and a long drooping mustache, down to the tattoos that covered his hugely muscled biceps. A whip and a machete hung off of his belt.

With bugged out eyes, Nan swallowed and stammered, "Um, excuse us, we're here to apply for positions as dance girls. Are you the one we need to talk to?"

A wicked grin broke across the man's face that caused a thin scar to appear as it stretched across his face from
where his lips met to the bottom of his right ear.

Licking his lips, he said "Yes, I'm the proprietor of this fine establishment. I could use some more dancers, but
first you must show me your skills."

Nan in her semi-drugged state grinned, thinking to herself, we've got it in the bag. She looked at her companions and said, "What shall we show him girls? The tango or the Twankey Shuffle?"

Interrupting, he said, "My name is Mordred and I want to see you all do the Twankey Shuffle. That sounds quite

Hebea looked at him and said, "But what about music?" Leering at them, he said, "You don't need any-now

The 3 chancellors nervously began moving their feet but soon broke into a smooth rhythm as the music inside their heads began to kick in. They let their bodies flow, moving and writhing in provocative poses, each one watching Mordred out of the corner of her eye.

Seeing his interest, they really cranked it up and began dancing around him, brushing up against him and really putting on a show. A little bead of sweat broke out on Mordred's forehead and he said, "Enough. You're all
hired." The ladies were elated, grabbing one another's hands when Mordred told them, "Now go put on your
costumes. They're right through that door <as he pointed to the back corner>, and hurry up, the customers
will be arriving any minute now."

Willingly the threesome headed for the room Mordred had indicated. Nan reached the door first, throwing the door wide open so that it smacked into the wall and came back forward, catching Hebea's shoulder, throwing her off- balance. Asty caught her just in time. A bit tipsy, Nan said, "Sorry, guess the door was lighter than I thought."

Looking around the room, Hebea saw a pile of what looked like costumes and headed for it. Grabbing the piece on top she held it up and said, "What is this?!! I am NOT wearing this thing!"

Nan and Asty looked at Hebea's one hand and saw a bright red sequined bra top with very thin straps and the other hand held something that resembled a g-string in the same gaudy material, but around the waistband it had several round glittering disks attached. Some very narrow, high- heeled shoes sat on the ground in various sizes.

Asty walked over to the pile, grabbing and said, "These are all the same, just different colors!" Nan began to
whine when Mordred loomed in the doorway, yelling in, "I said *hurry* up in there-the customers are coming in and you're up first. Be sure to use that make-up over at that   table and put on some nice long, dangling earrings too."

Shrugging because they had no other choice, the 3  chancellors quickly got dressed in their very skimpy outfits.
They heard Mordred announce them and they walked out to the show floor, heads held high. They figured they
could wow them with their talent and maybe then they wouldn't notice their lack of clothing so much.

They began to walk out towards the crowd, expecting to dance with the patrons, when Mordred stopped them
and said,"Where are you going? Oh no ladies, you go up on the stage. And remember, be sexy, seductive and
get them hot for more!"

Groaning, they headed for the stage that they hadn't seen in the darkness when they first arrived. Climbing the
stairs, they reached the stage and music began to play... "Let me entertain you, let me..."

They began to dance, their faces bright red from the hooting and hollering, cat calls, whistles and leering faces. Asty muttered under her breath, "Just wait until we get back to Deb U. Those Assistants are going to pay and pay big-time!"

Hebea nodded her head acknowledging Asty's comment, making sure that it was in time with the music. Nan,
however, was really getting into the whole scenario. She was enjoying the cat calls, whistles and attention she was getting. In her "enhanced" state, everything seemed  wonderful. She sashayed her way up to the front of the
stage, bending over to show her cleavage and grinned in bliss as a patron shoved a wad of money into her g-string.

Asty and Hebea looked at one another, shrugged their shoulders and followed suit. The more money they got, the quicker they could quit this job, pay off their bills, and get back to Deb U. They really needed to find out what everyone was up to back there, and they had a very bad feeling that they weren't going to like it at all!

To be continued... Muahahaha!!!!!


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