The CAP: She Works Hard for the Money Continued.

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The CAP: She Works Hard for the Money Continued......
by Kimba

Nan, Asty, and Hebea were really in a situation- neither of them wanted to deal with. In the procession of the dances, they found themselves dancing a sequencial number all in unison- when Nanea, under the influence of her drugged cookies, tripped- catching Asty's foot- causing a domino effect on stage toppling them all! They all fell forward off the stage, into the crowd below. Hands were all over the poor Chancellors- leaving them all in a very vulnerable and potentially dangerous situation. Unfortunately, one particularly smelly ale drunken man grabbed Nanea- and started off with her. She screamed for help from the other two Chancellors, and they desperately tried to pull themselves from the tangle of limbs flailing all around them. It looked like a scene out of "Laverne and Shirley" as they played tug-of-war with their fellow chancellor, attempting to pull her from the grasp of the smelly, scruffy man. They didn't have a prayer to wrestle her from him!

Posted on Sep 21 1999, 11:52 PM

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