The CAP: Yet more work, ending

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The CAP: Yet more work, ending
by Acting Chancellor Jackie

Nan was amazed at the amount of work she had completed. The pile of counted and bagged dinars she had placed in the safe was huge. The table was still piled high with dinars though. She no sooner packed one bag away in the safe and someone would dump more dinars on the table. It was better than a visit to Mt. Olympus! Better than Iolaus! Well maybe not Iolaus, but close. She decided that she was never going to leave, perhaps they’d bring a cot in for her to sleep on.

When the door opened, she expected someone was bringing in yet more dinars. However, some new men rolled a big empty cart in. Nan didn’t really become alarmed until they started to take her counted piles of dinars out of the safe. ‘What do you think you are doing?! Leave my money alone! Thief! Thief!’ As Nan prepared to do battle for her dinars, Seth walked in and pulled her away from the burly men.

‘Seth! They’re stealing my money. Stop them!’ ‘YOUR money Nan? This isn’t your money. Now that it’s counted it will be taken to the private safe of the hotel owner, Donel Trumpet. Now get back to work.’

Nan sat in her chair as they left her alone. The room seemed so empty to her now with all those piles gone. This was a horrible job! How could they expect her to watch that money go out the door? She began rocking in her chair, ‘No no no, money comes IN, it shouldn’t go OUT.’

Asty smiled, but left her eyes closed as she heard the door to the Hot Tub room open. She knew Seth wouldn’t be able to resist her. ‘Well well well, what do we have here? Enjoying yourself are we?’ Asty looked up at a large woman who looked suspiciously like an older Widow Twanky. The women was looming over her carrying cleaning supplies.

‘Yes, I am’ Asty said in her best I’m a Chancellor voice. ‘Now please leave, I’m expecting someone.’ These servers sure were a surly lot she thought.

‘Oh no you’re not! There’ll be none of that hanky panky stuff from my girls! Now get dressed and I’ll show you what to do. You’ve wasted enough time.’ When Asty didn’t move and just looked at her in confusion, the women explained further. ‘Seth said you were to assist me. It’s about time he got me some help. There is so much to do.’

‘Now first thing we do is drain all the tubs.’ Shoving a tub of smelly water at Asty she explained that she was to use it to scrub the tubs clean. ‘I expect every spot removed, every crevice to sparkle. After your done, I want you to do it again. The hotel has very high standards. This should take you most of the day. I’ll be back to check on you later.’

‘There must be some mistake!’ Asty said to the large women as she left. Getting no answer, she turned to look at the momentous job ahead of her…

Hebea’s new office was located just off the kitchens. She had been meeting with the wait staff all morning and was now happily making out work schedules. This job is perfectly suited for me, she thought. I’m a natural at telling people what to do. And unlike DebU, there is a good chance the work will get done.

The staff had complained some when she had shown them the new outfits Seth wanted them to wear. They said that wearing fake bunny ears and a ridiculous bunny tail was demeaning. Most agreed after Hebea gave them her best Chancellor look. Hebea didn’t know what they were complaining about, they were sure to get better tips. What was a few pinches on the rear?

Seth ran up to Hebea as she was posting her completed work schedule on the board. ‘What have you done?! You are in charge less than one day and all my wait staff goes on strike!’ The young man was clearly stressed.

‘So we’ll get more. There is never a shortage of manual laborers.’ Hebea seemed unconcerned.

‘Yes we will. We will also get another Staff Manager! But until then, someone needs to wait on our customers.’ Eyeing Hebea’s trim figure he got an idea…

Hebea complained mightily as she came out a few minutes later wearing one of the bunny costumes. ‘This won’t do! I’m a very important person! I don’t’ wait on people, people wait on me!’

Seth had no sympathy as he shoved Hebea out to the dining area. She glared back at him as she made her way to the nearest table to take food orders. She didn’t get half through the table before one of the slimy men pinched her…

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