The CAP: Yet more work, Pt. 1

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The CAP: Yet more work, Pt. 1
by Acting Chancellor Jackie

After completing a stunt as ‘Dancehall Girls’, Chancellors Astraea, Nanaea and Hebea found that they still owed some hotel debt. Luckily for them, the hotel offered to take what was owed in trade. Unfortunately the hotel meant giving them actual jobs, not the ‘trade’ they were hoping for.

Following a visit with the hotels personnel manager Seth, the three Chancellors split up to go to their various new jobs.

Nanaea was ecstatic! She had been depressed ever since she had run out of NYDiva’s wonderful cookies, but now things were looking up. She was actually excited about her new job. It was perfect! Nan showed her security pass to a burly guard to gain entry to the ‘Counting Room’ – her new office. She took a deep breath as she stepped inside. Ah! The smell of dinars in the morning. There was nothing like it for Nan.

The small room was stark, no windows or paintings, only a built in safe in one corner and a large table set in the center of the room. On the table were piles upon piles of shiny dinars. Nan was frozen for a few moments; it had been ages since she had seen that many dinars in one place.

Giving a strange, somewhat crazy-sounding giggle, she sat down and gingerly reached out to take the first dinar…

Astraea hurried to the ‘Hot Tub’ room of the hotel. There were several medium sized hot tubs arranged in a row. A few others were placed behind screens for privacy. Asty was glad they were empty at the moment. Seth and her would have plenty of privacy. Privacy was good, she wouldn’t want the other Chancellors to think she wasn’t working off her share of the debt. And it wasn’t as if she wouldn’t be working hard at her task. She giggled as her imagination ran rampant.

Asty disrobed and sank deep into the hot swirling waters of one of the hot tubs. She hoped Seth wasn’t going to be too much longer. He couldn’t possibly have misunderstood her when she said her ‘talents’ were in hot tubs. Especially since she had been rubbing his calf with her foot at the time. No, he had got her hint; he would be here any minute now. She closed her eyes and hummed to herself, barely sparing a second of pity for her co-chancellors who were doing actual manual labor…

Hebea dressed in her best Amazonian outfit, checked her favorite staff for splinters and made her way to the area of the hotel Seth had indicated on her map. She twirled her staff in anticipation of the fun she was going to have. She always did like instructing the DebU students on staff usage. And if there were some that misbehaved- all the better. She would have them under her control in no time. It had been a brilliant idea for her to tell Seth that her talent was staff usage. While the other chancellors were doing boring jobs, she would be having fun.

Using her staff to open the swinging door, Hebea walked into a busy kitchen. Men in white outfits were sweating over hot fires, scantily clad women were carrying out trays of food. Fearing she had made a wrong turn, she asked a chef working nearby to look at her map. ‘Wee wee, you are in the correct spot,’ the familiar looking man said with a really bad French accent, ‘Now, out of my way. No one must disturb the Great Phalafl when he is working!’

Before Hebea could teach the French man some lessons in etiquette, Seth entered the kitchen. Hebea’s attention was instantly drawn to the handsome young man. Seth explained that he needed Hebea to train and supervise the wait staff, not teach staff techniques. She was disappointed, but agreed that she was perfect for the job. How hard could it be? She had been showing the lower level debs how to wait on her for a long time…

to be continued...

Posted on Sep 22 1999, 09:05 AM

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