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October 2 2003 at 6:36 AM
Harbinger of Death 

Response to I am shocked!

So should I be taking down a list of who's been naughty and who's been nice? You know that's not really my job. That belongs to that jolly fellow who's always drunk at the immortals parties.

I have, however, been noting who's been committing what kinds of naughtiness, as that will factor into your methods of death this year.

I have been watching. And waiting. Oh, yes.

But you'll have to wait a little, too. It's not quite ready...just a few more tweaks...but maybe you should start watching your backs. Just in case.

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  1. Yippeee - Kat on Oct 2, 8:42 PM
  3. Um . . . Mr (or Ms) HoD - Manto on Oct 3, 7:54 AM
    1. I don't think so - Harbinger of Death on Oct 3, 6:41 PM
      1. Counteroffer.... - Kat on Oct 3, 8:04 PM
        1. Thanks - Harbinger of Death on Oct 3, 10:42 PM
          1. Engagement? - CJ on Oct 4, 3:50 PM
          2. No problemo... - Kat on Oct 5, 8:21 PM