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"The Gathering Storm"
October 9 2003 at 12:52 PM
Harbinger of Death! 

Deb U Campus was quiet.
Too quiet.
The Debs were all at Omarsnake's "Axman's Out of Town" fiesta shindig, and the rest of the campus was... well, quiet.
Though in the bell tower -- you know, the one no one's mentioned before, there in the central quad that I don't know if anyone's mentioned either -- there was commotion.
No noise though, because it was so quiet.
The reason for the lack of noise was that only two people were in the bell tower.
Okay, correction: One person was in the bell tower, the other was hanging by his ankles just outside the bell tower.
The one inside the bell tower? Harbinger of Death, cackling malevolantly, but rather quietly.
The one outside the bell tower? RhodesRules, the campus misfit who had not been invited to either Omarsnake's party or to Cathbad's barhop that I forgot to mention earlier.
RhodesRules wanted to scream. But the duct tape on his mouth didn't let him make much noise when he tried.
He hung there, upside down, wimpering as Harbinger began cutting the rope.
Did I mention the rope? That's how RhodesRules was hanging outside the bell tower. His ankles were tied together, and the rope stretched across from the bell. Harbinger giggled as the rope began fraying.
RhodesRules groaned.
Then, Harbinger stopped cutting and sighed.
"I'm bored."
"Mhf mfh mrhfhfhf?" RhodesRules asked.
"Bored. You know. I just don't want to do another year of senseless mayhem and murders of people on campus, just because it's Halloween."
"Mhff fhdhddfrf."
"I know it's expected, that's what makes it so... predictable. Maybe I should do an Easter massacre this year, just to throw them off!... no, that just doesn't sound right. Halloween tis the season, but... I think I'm stuck in a rut."
"Mref efehr hre rhef fh fdfd fdf"
"Thanks, but I don't want to just do a good job. I want to do something great. Something memorable. Something... unforgettable!"
"FHfd Fdfd fdfdf Gigli."
"No, that would be too cruel. No, I want to add some flair to my mayhem this year."
"Ffdfdf Ffdfdffdf?"
Harbinger contemplated the suggestion.
"No, that's still not quite right. Thanks, but I've got to decide this for myself."
And with that, Harbinger departed with a flourish, down the steps of the bell tower and over the campus library, to research innovative ideas for mayhem and chaos.
RhodesRules sighed wearily, then heard the noise of the rope continuing to fray.
"Mf shff...."

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