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A flash back in time
October 18 2003 at 8:44 AM
Harbinger of Death 

Response to Consumed

After the first killing, before the second...

"What are you doing out here?" Harbinger demanded.

Kat peeked sheepishly around the corner of the hallway in the dormitory. "Oh. I didn't think you'd seen me."

"You're dead and you're supposed to be in the mansion. You know how upset I get when people are AWOL." His eyes blazed underneath his dark cowl.

"Oh, please, don't get upset," she pleaded. "Everybody was hungry and I have this great chocolate cookbook, so I thought I would just get it and we could make some treats for ourselves, you know, without bothering you, since you're so busy and everything, and we know you hate being interrupted during your prime time... And Pride wouldn't come get it for me, so I thought I'd just--you know." She held out the cookbook for him to see.

He sighed. "Look what you've done." He pointed at her hand, and she saw that it was flesh again. "You broke the boundaries before my spells were complete and now you're human all over again."

"Oops," was all Kat could think to say.

"Fortunately for you, I have another appointment coming up soon, so I want you to get down to the massage lab. Not a peep to anyone else. Understand?"

She nodded and handed him the cookbook before scampering off. Harbinger went back to the mansion and finished the magic that would keep them all enclosed and dead until the season was over.

You may now go back to your reading.

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