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October 19 2003 at 2:06 PM
Harbinger of Death 

Response to Another ? for HOD

While she does carry the name and even some personifications of a cat, she doesn't quite have nine lives, since she isn't an actual cat. For example, OmarSnake is not really a snake and therefore does not swallow frogs whole for lunch.

Even if she did have that particular cat trait, it would be rendered impotent during my season, as I have contracts and stipulations in writing from the main office that clearly state I can override such things. This is also why Keleos is vulnerable in spite of her goddess status.
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  1. Well - Eeyoraus on Oct 19, 2:55 PM
  3. Meow! - Double Dead Kat on Oct 19, 9:05 PM
    1. Me, pick me, I know! - Ladybug on Oct 20, 11:21 AM
      1. Oh yeah..... - Double Dead Kat on Oct 20, 8:54 PM