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Gobbling up the last
October 26 2003 at 7:33 PM
Harbinger of Death 

As always, the ghoulish season with the Debs was exhausting. HoD was rubbing his temples and trying to find the strength to get the last batch wrapped up. At least he wouldn’t be doing it personally. But a good manager always takes responsibility for everything that goes on, even if it’s his staff that actually handles the details.

“One more,” he said aloud, both to alert Gluttony it was time, and to give himself reassurance. Gluttony patted Harbinger on the head and took his list.

In the commissary, the few Debs remaining picked at their tiny portions. They were well aware of the way Gluttony had gotten his first victims. But, being human (still), they did have to eat something. They were always careful to eat little bits at a time. They made sure not to think of material possessions so that Envy nor Greed could get near. They complimented each other and didn’t gloat, lest Pride should arrive. They were on their best behavior.

And truthfully, they were quite miserable for it.

Lorel and Aeakos poked at their salads. Maigrey, Aphrael, Aquillea and KhanMan nibbled at their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And aneXa, Kalypso, Tern and Emerald choked down their protein shakes.

“I don’t think I can take this any more,” said KhanMan. “I’m going to the kitchen.”

“No!” Aphrael cried. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going too,” said Lorel. “I’m starving.”

“Wait for me! Is there any bologna, you think?” Aeakos jumped up.

“What about pastrami? I love pastrami!” said Maigrey.

“Wait, wait,” cautioned Emerald. “Are you sure that’s wise?”

“Yeah. I’m not about to die a painful death.” Kalypso folded her arms.

“Look, I’m bored, and I’m hungry, and I want to go to the party,” said Aquillea. “Who’s with me?”

“I am, definitely,” said Tern. “Lead the way. Let them eat cake, man.”

“First dibs on the pie,” said aneXa. “If I’m going to die, it’s going to be over a really good pie.”

They all dashed into the kitchen and started rooting around in the cupboards and refrigerator. It was then that Gluttony popped in. He was surprised to see them here, and decided it was way, way too easy. He’d let them go for a little while…and then he’d have some fun.

They dug into the kitchen’s contents with gusto. Tern and Emerald took some pita bread and stuffed the pockets with chicken salad. Aphrael, KhanMan and aneXa put marinara and mozzarella on split bagels and toasted them. Maigrey, Lorel, Aeakos, and Aquillea stacked up turkey and bacon with lettuce and tomatoes on toasted bread to make club sandwiches. Kalypso whipped up a shrimp stir-fry in the wok. Then…they found the stash of Little Debbies.

Of course Gluttony had them.

“I’m stuffed!” said KhanMan. And with that—Poof! They sprouted feathers. And instead of talking, they gobbled.

“Look at you fine, plump turkeys,” said Gluttony. “Just in time for the harvest feast.”

“Gobble gobble gobble! Gulp.”

Some time later, the doorbell rang at the party mansion, which was unusual, as people always walked right in; unless, of course, they had their hands full and couldn’t get the door themselves, as did Gluttony. The Debs opened up to see him there with a huge banquet table and his arms full of wine bottles. They warmly ushered him and his offerings inside, and marveled at the sweet corn, buttered noodles, mounds of garlicky mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, and of course the ten turkeys all roasted golden brown to perfection, overflowing with a delicious-smelling sage stuffing.

“But where are the rest of the Debs? We can’t eat this without them,” someone said. “They’ll use it for guilt money extortion later.”

“I have them here,” said Gluttony, patting his gold crystal vial. “But you go on ahead. They’ve already eaten.” He smirked, and they grimaced in distaste. “Truly though, they won’t want any of this. They’ve already had their fill. Trust me.” He smiled widely, and they just shrugged and dug right in.

Momentarily the other Sins popped in, just back from their Lurker Retrieval pass. They had compassed the campus, vials open, sucking in anyone who hadn’t made themselves known. Now they released all the spirits and everyone enjoyed the party for the rest of the week before Halloween. And with nice full tummies.

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