Cocktail sauce, anyone?

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Cocktail sauce, anyone?
October 14 2002 at 7:50 PM
Harbinger of Death 


“So.” Silence.

“How have you all been?”

“Fine. You?”

“Fine.” Silence. “Okay, so does anybody know what we’re doing here?”

Tern, Whisper, Raindrop, KateP, Kendaa, Roiche, Shambalayogi, Lyrical, Romana, and SheElf all stared at each other. “We all just felt like coming to the seaside, for some reason.”

Silence. “Right. So who feels like Chinese take-out?”


Ten little shrimp swam in the ocean. “Looks like Chinese is out of the question…”

Then there was a massive shadow, but it seemed to be moving, and it even had a tiny little eyeball. “Whale!” somebody cried, and they flipped their little tails in futility. The whale’s giant maw opened and sucked in everything near it, including the little shrimpies.

It wasn’t terribly artful, but it was a good way to get rid of lots of blue-moon posters at one time.
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