Friend or Foe?

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Friend or Foe?
October 20 2002 at 8:35 PM
Harbinger of Death 

"I love fall." Jackie sighed, and closed her eyes with the warm sun on her face.

"Me too," said Euridyses. "I like the leaves changing color."

"I like jumping in the leaves!" said Heraclid, and jumped into a nearby pile, sending leaves flying all over them.

"Uch!" said Innocent. "Now I've got leaves all stuck in my hair."

"I like harvest time," said Ladybug. "I like getting the things out of my garden after I worked so hard on it all spring and summer."

"Your pumpkins did come out well this year," Euri said.

"I want to make jack-o-lanterns later" said Heraclid.

"I can't keep a garden going," Jackie admitted. "The plants either die or get eaten by rabbits and birds or bugs. No offense."

"None taken," laughed Ladybug. "It's hard, but you have to know how to keep those things at bay, and get the friendly animals to come around, like using bees for good pollenation."


"I am dizzy, everything is so huge," said Innocent, flattening herself against the leaf they were perched on. The Debs were now very, very tiny insects. They looked over each other's triangular, bulbous bodies.

"What are we?" wondered Euri.

"Aphids, I think," said Ladybug.

"Oh my gosh, look, it's a ladybug!" Jackie pointed.

"I've never seen a real one this close up before!" Ladybug said, excited to observe her namesake from such an unusual perspective.

"Looks pretty damn scary when it's this big," Heraclid observed.

"You ain't kidding. I don't like this." Innocent inched away. (Well, millimetered away.)

"Uhh, this isn't good. I just remembered that I have a ladybug habitat by my garden."

"What for?"

"To eat the aphids."

"Oh dear."

Munch, munch, munch.
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