** interlude **

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** interlude **
October 16 2002 at 9:05 AM
from somewhere in a dark place 



“We need to talk.”


“It’s okay. It’s just, ya know, the last one. That’s two crushing deaths. I take pride in not repeating myself.”

“I know, but .. but .. I’m running out of courses for the meal. There’s only a few left. And, like you, I’m trying to keep a theme.”

“Don’t worry, that all comes with practice.”


“Sure. Besides, if we want to be technical, one was 'mash' the other was 'press'. And you made a nice blend of technology with the stainless steel hydraulic thingie, followed by the old-fashioned stone cider press.”

“You really like my work?”

“It’s improving, Tom. It’s improving.
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