Krabby Patties

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Krabby Patties
October 13 2002 at 8:22 PM
Harbinger of Death 

Five Debs sat in the library, bored to tears. Not like they ever really studied there, mind you. It was just a nice quiet place to plot things. But they were fresh out of ideas to wrest power from the chancellors, since most of them were either retired or dead. It’s no fun to conquer somebody who’s already dead.

“So whaddya wanna do?” asked Pandora.

“Dunno. You?” said Kalypso.

“I don’t care,” sighed Channdrah.

“Let’s go swimming!” Raindrop suggested.

“Hot tubs!” said Lyrical eagerly.

So off they went and hopped in. No waiting time, since so many people were dead now. Just as they were getting really comfy… WHOOSH.

They were still in water, but now they were at the bottom of the ocean.

“Help! I’m drowning!” cried Raindrop.

“You are not, you’re a crab,” said Kalypso.

“Well, that wasn’t very nice,” Channdrah stated.

“She’s being literal. Look,” Lyrical said, pointing a claw.

“Sure enough,” Pandora said wonderingly.

“Hah, we’ve got pinching thingies, we’ll be able to defend ourselves!”

“Ooooh, look at all the pretty coral.”

“And a flower!”

”Underwater? You’re crazy.”

“No, look.” They looked, and there was a flowering, colorful thing attached to a large chunk of rock. It was agreed that it was indeed lovely, and so they went over to have a look at this large, unusual flower. Its “petals” waved as they approached, almost as though it were welcoming them. In reality, it created a bit of a current that swept the five little crabs toward and into it.

“Ow!” they cried as they felt the stings from the tentacles of the sea anemone. And then it swallowed them up and had them for dinner.

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