Wind Beneath My Wings

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Wind Beneath My Wings
October 22 2002 at 1:55 PM
Harbinger of Death 

“Should we go ahead and kill ourselves to get to the party?” said aneXa.

“No, that’s no good, we might end up in the Underworld. I think the Harbinger has to see to us personally,” LonesomeDove replied.

“I see, that makes sense.”

“So…want to help me feed the pets while everyone’s away?”

“Might as well.” The two doled out dishes of cat chow, dog kibble, birdseed, dragon fodder and the like, and last they did the fish tanks.

“Aren’t they interesting?” aneXa said.

“I prefer birds of course,” said Dove. SWOOSH.

“Ah well, isn’t that nice?” Dove preened her feathers as the two of them perched on a branch that hung over a winding river.

“Yes, and such a lovely view,” said aneXa.

“What on earth is that down there?” Dove asked, looking down at a swirling figure in the water.

“I don’t know, but we’re safe from up here. Good thing we didn’t get turned into minnows or something.”

And just then an arowana leapt clear out of the water with astonishing speed and picked off the two little birdies. The long, agile fish had the Debs before they could even spread their wings.

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