A lightbulb goes on

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A lightbulb goes on
October 15 2003 at 1:26 PM
Harbinger of Death 

Harbinger strode to the library, deep in thought. As he passed through a sidewalk intersection, someone leapt into his path.

“Take heed, for the time is near!” declared the wild-eyed fellow holding up a black book.

Harbinger blinked. “Excuse me?”

“The time is near!” The man waved his arms. “Judgment Day is upon us! We are swallowed up in sin and must repent! Save your soul!” He thumped the book for emphasis.

“Swallowed up in sin?” Harbinger mused.

“Swallowed up! Repent, for the time is near!” Thump, thump.

“Thank you, my friend, you have been most helpful.” Harbinger patted the fellow on the head and swiftly departed for his mansion. He had an idea. This would be good. Ah, yes, a plan was beginning to hatch.

The man stood confused. Nobody ever thanked him. They ignored him or laughed at him or pushed him aside. “I have harvested a soul!” he said joyfully, to no one in particular.

A low, deep chuckle resounded all about him. “I think not,” said an amused voice from nowhere. “That’s my job.”

He gulped and decided he’d been working too hard, and perhaps he needed to go on sabbatical. Yes, a nice, long sabbatical was what he needed.
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