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October 17 2003 at 3:00 PM
Harbinger of Death 

“You’re next,” said Harbinger to another of his assistants. “I imagined you would be fairly busy; it was difficult, in fact, not to give you the whole job, considering this lot. But we’ve got to keep the others occupied too, so this particular visit, you’ll have seven victims. You know the routine?”

Lust nodded, smiling lasciviously. She went for her prey and Harbinger followed, again invisibly. They approached a classroom where a few people were lounging and playing with the massage and oil implements normally used for instructional purposes.

Quietfire teased Kat with the backscratcher, scratching for a second and then stopping. She swiped at him in frustration and he giggled.

“Quit it,” she said. “Either scratch or don’t!”

“Don’t,” advised Circe. “You don’t want to bother with that. Come on over here and I’ll give you a neck massage.”

QF said “oooh” and dropped the backscratcher, heading toward Circe.

“Wait, I’ll give you a back massage,” said Flipper.

“I’ll massage your feet with the jasmine oil,” offered Yvenna.

“Now, ladies, there’s plenty of me to go around,” he said, flashing a smile.

On the other end of the room, Heraclid and Innocent were browsing among the scented candles. They couldn’t decide between vanilla and apple cinnamon for their weekend getaway. At that moment, Lust walked into the middle of the room and dropped her cloak, throwing out her arms and closing her eyes. They could not see her, but all immediately felt a strange vibe pass through them.

Circe, Kat, Yvenna and Flipper immediately had their hands all over Quietfire, massaging him and caressing him. He too was all hands, touching whomever and whichever of their parts was closest and most convenient. Meanwhile, Heraclid pinned Innocent against the wall, grabbed her hair and forcefully kissed her. She did not protest at the rough handling, but rather wrapped herself around him as much as was physically possible.

Lust began to dance, rotating her curvaceous form in the midst of them. With each breath they took, she fed more from their energy and threw it right back at them.

“Get a room over there,” growled Quietfire.

“We’re newlyweds!” Heraclid protested. “Why don’t you take your concubines someplace else?”

But their argument was forgotten in the heat that pulsed through them all. As Lust continued her dance, she appeared before them, and they all froze at the sight, frightened at this mystical being, but mesmerized by her movements. “The tricky thing about lust,” she purred, “is that it will eventually consume you.” She threw back her head and fire leapt from her fingertips, wrapping around each one of them and burning them to a crisp on the spot. Their cries of pain were brief.

Lust held out a red crystal vial and seven wisps of smoke were sucked inside. She corked it, fanned herself momentarily to cool off, and gathered up her cloak before going back to the mansion. The Harbinger of Death followed, rather needing a fan himself.


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