Good fences

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Good fences
October 6 2004 at 9:19 AM
Harbinger of Death 

“I’m not ready yet!”

“What are you talking about? I’m way over here.”

“I see you in the shadows. You’re scoping the place out.” Keleos put her hands on her hips and peered at a barely noticeable shade.

“Was not.” Shuffle, shuffle.

“Well, forget it. It’s way too early, and I have too much to do around here yet. Shoo.”

“Don’t wave your hand dismissively at ME! I am the HARBINGER OF DEATH.” His eyes glowed red, his skull dripped rotted flesh, an unseen wind blew his decayed robes. Truly, it was a frightening sight.

Keleos just raised her eyebrows at him.

HoD reverted to normal form. “Oh, fine. I was just hoping you could keep everyone in line on the other side.”

“If I can’t do it over here, what makes you think I can do it when we’re dead?”

“Good point. Very well then, I’ll pick a different batch.” He started to fade, then rematerialized. “By the way, you COULD keep them in line if you wanted to, dead or alive. You just don’t do it because you like to sit back and watch the mayhem.”

She grinned. “Now whatever gives you that idea?”


“Are you sure this is the right blueprint?” Big Country scowled as he hoisted another post into the ground. “I’ve never seen a privacy fence made out of brick and barbed wire.”

“It’s not a privacy fence, silly. It’s supposed to keep the students from escaping.” Calee ran a finger along the blue document. “And right over here is the electric-wire gate.”

“Here’s your hot cocoa,” said Antares, bearing a tray. “It’s a little chilly now that fall is coming.”

“Plenty warm from over here,” muttered BC, sweating from the exertion. “A little help would be nice.”

“Can’t be done. EvilKat killed all our redshirts,” Antares explained.


“So, this fence is all you, baby.”


“What the heck was that? What are you wearing?” Calee looked at the other two in their white jumpsuits, and realized her own voice was muffled from inside the mesh mask she wore that was identical to theirs. They looked down at their hands and saw sabres in their grip. “This can’t be good.”

Three dark Things emerged and took their stance, sabres raised. Then they began to advance.

“It figures,” said BC. “You want a fence, you get fencing.”

“I thought we were supposed to have foils with harmless nubs on them!” squeaked Antares as she dodged a jab.

“It depends,” said Calee, hopping away from one of the Things. “Some use those, while others use epees. Sabres are widely used, though, for fast, aggressive swordplay.”

“How do you know all that?” said BC, running unceremoniously in retreat.

“Pirate movies and bare-chested swashbucklers fueled my interest in the sport. Owee!!” Calee caught a slice to the side.

“Calee!” BC abandoned his strategy of avoidance and rushed to her, and in so doing let his guard down. A Thing ran a sabre across the back of his knees. He crumpled to the ground and the Thing made sushi of him.

“You bastard! You killed Big Country!” Calee swung wildly and lopped an arm off one of them, but he used his other arm to pick up the sabre and run her through. Blood bubbled from her lips and she collapsed, eyes glassing over.

“Oh crud.” Antares eyed the three Things as they made for her with measured and powerful strides, sabres raised. She closed her eyes and held her arms out, and with a THUNK, her head was neatly severed from her torso.

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