The cleansing fire

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The cleansing fire

October 14 2005 at 5:49 PM
Harbinger of Death 

As the sun peeked over the morning hilltops earlier every day, the people in the village prepared for the feast. They made much food and many piles of wood for fires. Finally, the day came. It was time for the feast of Beltane, when the villagers would run between the fires to purify themselves and bring good luck to all the people, and when they would celebrate the season of new life by invoking the goddess of fertility.

It was thus that Lyrical, SaraQuinn, Flipper, and Alura were brought forth dressed in wolves’ pelts, and Kendaa, Danae, Psamanthe and Redfurdolphin came wearing cloaks of feathers. Many hunters descended upon them, having just returned from the ritual hunt and slain deer of the forest to prove their manliness and that they were worthy of the feast. They swept up the Debs and they

[ATTENTION. This portion of the story has been edited and/or removed by the New Greeceland Communications Commission for extreme lasciviousness and lewdness.]

at which point they

because of the fire which burned

the grapes and lemonade that only

he took

she grasped

in the ear and then

and it was so intense

finally the Debs expired from sheer

[THE END of editing and deletion. Thank you—NGCC.]

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