Have fun storming the castle

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Have fun storming the castle

October 19 2005 at 6:11 PM
Harbinger of Death 

“End tyranny now!” Circe chanted, holding up her picket sign. “Down with the establishment!”

“What you doing?” Yvenna asked as she passed by.

“We’re protesting prisoner abuse in this facility,” said Eeyoraus, who also had a sign, which read “Free the innocent.” They walked back and forth in front of the road that led to the Bastilleus jail.

“People get put in here and they never come out,” Dixie explained. “Won’t you sign our petition?”

“I will,” said Kymscrazy as she heard their comments. “I’m not a fan of tyranny, unless I’m the one with the whip.”

“Sure, me too.” Yvenna signed her name.

“It’s completely unfair how the sadists in charge of this place treat the inmates.” Circe was clearly angry.

“They live in squallid conditions, and the ones who need medical assistance get it late and in poor quality, if ever,” Eeyoraus added.

“Poor things,” Dixie sighed.

“What’d they do?” Yvenna asked.

They stared at her blankly. “What do you mean?”

“Well, they’re in prison, right, so they must have broken the law. What did they do?”

“Their only crime was speaking out against tyranny!” Eeyoraus said passionately.

Kymscrazy tilted her head at them. “So…you could be put in there next, right?”

Again they stared in silence. “Um. Maybe we should hold it down out here. We’re probably keeping people from studying.” Dixie swallowed hard.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this! We’ve got to tear this thing down! Who will speak up for these poor souls if we won’t?” Circe thumped her sign post on the ground emphatically.

They watched her eyes gleam with fervor, and they were swept up in the emotion. Soon they had put their heads together and hatched a plan to storm the prison and free the prisoners, then revolt against the louses who put them there. It wasn’t long before they were dressed in full camouflage and creeping stealthily upon the iron gate.

Eeyoraus, however, was not in camouflage. She was in a slinky green number that made the two outside guards nearly lose their eyeballs out of their heads when she walked up. “I seem to be lost,” she purred. “Can you tell me the way back to the main road?” She drew them away from the gate as she played dumb and requested them to simplify and repeat their directions. There was much pointing and explaining, and E put her hand on their arms in turn as she laughed with them about how hapless she was when it came to such things, and wasn’t she lucky she found these two strong, knowledgeable men to help her in her time of need.

After she thanked them and went her way, the guards resumed their posts, thinking how hot and constricting their uniforms felt just then. Suddenly….BOOOOOOM. The Debs had planted explosives inside the gate while Eeyoraus distracted them, and now there was nothing between them and the prison cells. The five girls dashed in and called out to the prisoners.

“You’re going free today!” Circe yelled, and many voices cheered in response. As each Deb loosed the padlocks with the keys they’d taken from the unconscious guards, the doors swung wide and men teemed from the tiny cells.

“Welcome back to the world!” cried Kymscrazy joyously.

“Vive le Greece!!” called Yvenna.

That was just a few seconds before the recently-incarcerated men, in their rush to get out, stampeded their liberators and crushed them under their prison-issue work boots.

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