Grand old flag

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Grand old flag

October 17 2005 at 7:20 PM
Harbinger of Death 

“Shouldn’t someone else be doing this?” Maigrey asked, looking up the flagpole.

“Dunno.” HoneyBunch started to tug on the knot of the rope at the base of her flagpole.

“She’s right. There’s got to be someone lower on the totem pole.” Channdrah folded her arms. “Isn’t there?”

“Dunno,” HB said again, pulling at the rope.

“The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can go get a cappuccino,” Tori said, and started on her flagpole as well.

“How big are these flags anyway?” DreamTraveler wondered, hoisting hers down.


“Aren’t you eloquent today,” Channdrah remarked as she pulled the rope to bring the Iolaus flag down.

HoneyBunch simply stuck out her tongue and started to fold the New Greeceland flag she had just unhooked from the rope.

“Wouldn’t this make a nice toga,” DT commented, holding up the Hercules flag to her torso.

“Since when do you like clothes?” Maigrey asked, working on folding the university flag.

“Togas are especially easy to pull off with one hand and in one motion.”

“Ah. Should have guessed.”

“Can someone give me a hand with this?” Tori was struggling with the chancellors flag. “It is absurd that we have this flag anyway. It’s like every day is Flag Day around here.”

“They control the money, so they commissioned it.” HoneyBunch shrugged.

The wind suddenly picked up, and all their hard work folding was undone, as the air nearly ripped the cloth right out of their hands and they were barely able to even hang on.

“What’s going on here?” Channdrah hollered.

“It’s a windstorm!” DT called back, trying to grasp her flag more securely. The wind whipped around them, their hair and the flags flying into their faces so they couldn’t see.

“I’m trying to scrunch it up, but it just wont!” squealed Maigrey.

“Mine either!” Tori cried, as her flag wrapped entirely around her body.

“It’s like it has a mind of its own!” HB declared. In response, the New Greeceland flag coiled around her. She would have screamed, but the fabric covered her everywhere. The other students were likewise enfolded in their own flags, and the material wrapped tightly around their bodies. No air could get in or out. Their lungs collapsed in minutes. They were instant mummies inside the symbols of the very things they loved.

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