Bite Me

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Bite Me

October 3 2006 at 6:49 AM

Antares strolled down the booths trying to decide which death to choose.   She shook her head at the pyre.  She'd just gotten a new pair of boots, and the last thing she wanted would be for them to be turned to ashes.  She wandered on down.  Hmmmm....Firing squad.  Nah....too noisy. 

She went over and sat on the platform stage.  Considering her options, if she didn't hurry up and choose, all the popcorn would be gone in the afterlife.  Maybe poison.....Nah, that would just upset her stomach and she wouldn't be able to enjoy the popcorn.  She looked over at the wild animals.  She shook her head.  She'd already been done in by killer bunnies...twice.

Her eyes scanned the booths again, to find she was being watched by the vampire contingent.  She tilted her head and considered them.  Oh, what the heck, why not go out that way.  Hades was busy with Persephone at this time of year.  She stood up and walked over to their booth.

A tall stately woman with long flowing black hair came forward.  "Allow me."  She spoke in a hypnotic voice.

Antares made a face.  "I don't swing that way."  She looked at the other waiting vampires.  Her eyes locked onto a tall, dark haired vamp.  He had the most beautiful eyes.  "I'll take him." 

He walked forward with a sensuous grace, and bowed before Antares.  She could see the ripple of his muscles beneath the silky fabric of his shirt. 

"Aristede de Navarre, at your service."  He stood back up and pulled Antares into his embrace.  She could feel the firm steel of his muscles as he held her close.  It sent a little thrill down through her core.  His fingers caressed her face.  His hand traced down her neck drawing her hair away.  His lips met hers in a promise of things to come.   He ran a trail of kisses down her throat.  His teeth sunk into her.  She stiffened with the pain, that was almost an exstacy.  He drained her life's blood, while holding her body close to his in a lover's embrace.

Oh, yeah, this was the way to go.  She felt her consciousness slip away. 

She stood watching, as he picked her lifeless body up, and laid it in one of the nearby sarcophigi.  Antares sighed.  That was a nice way to go.  "Hey, Aristede, maybe we can get together again sometime, after All Hollow's eve."  She waved to him as she headed over to the movies.


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