I need a vacation

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I need a vacation

October 4 2006 at 12:36 PM

“Man. Was that a rough trip,” Manto stated as she walked into Dt’s room. “I’m glad that only ONE of my daughters wants a “destination wedding”.

DT, nodding her head asked, “Didn’t you like Lost Wages? The Chancellors would prefer to live there, you know”

“True, but no. I just don’t care for the place. And besides that, I had no time whatsoever to myself. B-O-R-I-N-G. And I’m exhausted. I need a vacation from my vacation <G>”

DT giggled and reminded Manto that she ALWAYS says that upon returning.

“I know but gees. I didn’t even get to go swimming. I brought my suit and all, but the water was so blasted cold.”

Manto started flipping thru the pamphlets that had been shoved under her door.

“Hmmmm. This looks interesting.”

. . . swimming pool with guaranteed warm water. . . . cage . . .

“ Wow. Shark diving too. Now THIS sounds like a vacation. And it's been eons since I went scuba diving.”

Of course Manto, just arriving home from the trip from Hades . . . . didn’t bother to read the small print.

“Uh . . . Manto,” DT stood up and looked worried. “That’s the HOD pamphlet. Are you SURE you want to check that out?”

“Why not? Looks harmless enough and it sounds yummy to me. I NEED a break. Besides, how do you know it’s the HOD pamphlet? Doesn’t say so.”

And with that, Manto put on her sexiest swimsuit, grabbed her sunhat and sunglasses and headed for the lagoon and pool.

Too late she discovered that the pool was just a backdrop for the HOD’s plan . As she was lowered into the water, she realized her air supply was cut off and that the bars of the cage dissolved when immersed in the water. The sharks had quite a tasty treat


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