Death, I Feel For Thee

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Death, I Feel For Thee

October 16 2006 at 1:53 PM

Thou art gracious, Lord Death,
Who takes a willing soul.
Thou art terrible, Lord Death,
Who reap what we have sown.

I envy you, Lord Death,
Your power and your might.
But I pity you, Lord Death,
For yours is a fearful plight.

I would not take your place, Lord Death,
For yours is a lonely road.
And brave I see thou art, Lord Death,
To walk it all alone.

A kindness I see within you, Lord Death,
And a dreadful kind of calm.
You relieve our suffering, Lord Death,
And to our weary souls bring balm.

But feared thou art, Lord Death,
For you take both young and old,
And terrifying it is, Lord Death,
Awaiting your dreadful hold.

Though I admire you, Lord Death,
For your quite, peaceful power.
I would not take your place Lord Death,
Not for a day, an hour.

The past is past, Lord Death,
And cannot now changed be.
But the future still is mine, lord Death,
I'll not relinquish it to thee.

Your dreadful shadow falls, Lord Death,
Not on a quivering, fearful soul.
But on a mighty spirit, lord Death,
Far greater then your own.

I stand beneath your shadow, Lord Death,
Yet you stand under mine.
For I have life, Lord Death,
And you have nought but time.

No, Lord Death, I do not fear you,
But pity you instead.
Because, Lord Death, while I stand near you,
I see into your head.

I see the gaping rift of soul,
The dreadful keening silence.
I see within your heart of stone,
where beats a great compassion.

The terrifying emptyness,
Is tearing you apart.
but the love you bear for mankind,
Still beats within your heart.

So know that one among the mortals
Returns the love you bear,
And trust that when you come for her,
She will welcome you with a prayer.

--Joshua Swanson

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