Seeing Me

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Seeing Me

October 16 2006 at 1:58 PM

For those who seek to understand the balance of the universe
Iím a force of nature
A wind blowing the sand into ever-changing patterns of ripples
A wave pushing against, pulling away from the shore
Sometimes gone, always returning

When youíre running away from the unbearable pain of being
Iím a pocket of blissful silence
No voices, no turmoil, no conflict
Just the depth of oblivion that eluded you while you were breathing

For a heavy heart filled with regrets over a lifetime of mistakes
I come with light as I take your hand
Bringing you to a new beginning
A chance to start over and make right what was wrong

After youíve been hurting for a long time
After your body betrays you and moves to evict you
After youíve had more than enough
Iím a messenger of mercy
Pulling you close to me and infusing you with relief and liberty

But if itís not you Iím after
If I took someone else before you were ready to say good-bye
And no one is ever ready to say good-bye
Then itís you who transforms me into something black and menacing
Itís you who outfits me with those harsh angles, those treacherous points
You see me wielding cold weapons of torture and misery
You assign to me a pleasure in your grief

But know this

I donít cause the end
Iím not the reason
Iím only there to catch the soul and take it home
I am not the judge
I do not engender or enjoy your sorrow

And when your time comes
What you see in me
Will depend on what you first see in yourself.

--Your humble HoD.

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