THE DEATH OF QUIETFIRE........ and, um, keleos too

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THE DEATH OF QUIETFIRE........ and, um, keleos too

October 22 2006 at 2:05 PM

These deaths are based on the Burn, Baby, Burn option offered by the Harbinger of Death.

The pathetic, wailing scream went on and on. It broke only occasionally as the screamer would pause for breath, but then it would resume. It was a wavering, hoarse cry as though the screamer had overused their voice. Quite probably from all the screaming.

“Oh would you shut up already,” muttered Keleos as she tugged and dragged a thoroughly bound Quietfire along the ground. She was beginning to sorely regret not gagging him, and she didn’t want to take the chance now. He sometimes bit.

“I don’t wanna die again!” he cried. “I don’t wanna die again, I don’t wanna, don’t wanna, don’t wanna!”

“Everybody has to die this time of year,” Keleos reminded him as she grunted and gave another jerk, dragging him another few feet. She could have floated him along. She could have just sparkled him to their destination. But tugging him was more fun, since it prolonged his torment as he fought the inevitable.

“I die the rest of the year,” QF protested. “I really think I should get credit or something. A free pass. Yeah, I should get a free pass this time of year for all the dying I do.”

“You know that Harby isn’t going to buy that, and neither am I.” She began pulling him up a set of stairs, letting his feet thump against the wooden steps with each tug.

“Where are we going?” he finally thought to ask. “I mean, how are you planning on killing me off?”

“Very appropriately,” she chuckled. After reaching the top of the steps, Keleos placed her foot on his rump and gave a hard shove, rolling Quietfire onto a grate that was set up like a grill over a large pile of wood and charcoal. She grabbed the ropes that crisscrossed over his back and began dragging him toward the center pole.

Quietfire squirmed, trying to get a better look around. Catching sight of the items stacked under the grate he demanded, “Hey, is that charcoal?”

“Genuine mesquite.”

“You’re going to set me on fire again?”

“Thus far, it’s been the most fun,” Keleos grinned down at him.

“Not fire!” he cried. “I hate fire! No fire! No fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!”

The woman who stood at the control panel took this as her signal to press the starter button, and the flames leapt to life in a burst that not only set both Quietfire and Keleos ablaze, but also took out two unfortunate red shirts who had been standing too close. After the first painful moments, QF and Kel both succumbed to the fumes and smoke, their bodies crumpling to the grill.

Several feet away, Keleos’ shade stood next to the ghost of her ex-husband as she watched her body sizzle and burn. Suddenly her phantasmal hand lifted to smack him on the back of his transparent head. “I was gonna get a vampire hickie and die happy, dammit. As soon as we’re reanimated, I’m killing you again.”

“What else is new?”


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