Uh-oh! It's time!

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Uh-oh! It's time!

October 5 2006 at 4:48 PM

She knew there was no way out. Look at all the Deb U attendees who were disappearing one by one from the campus all around her.

“omigods and goddesses!” Shamba was horrified at the choice HoD had given them. They had their own choices of dying, whatever each of them preferred, it was up to them.

“I’m a coward! I can’t do it!”

Facing whatever kind of end--a sword, a falling object, a knife in someone’s hand, tripping down some stairs or dying of a fever—that was one thing but to actually plan your own ending was really intimidating.

Thinking of what it would feel like… what kind of fear would be the last instant before the end hit you? How would the minute between it happening and your life actually ending be like? Would you close your eyes? Would you scream out loud or only in your mind? Would it feel warm? Would it feel cold?

What about poison or an animal biting or clawing you?

A chalice with poison? A drink with something to make you sleep forever?

“Here, this should help you make a choice” HoD’s voice came from in front of Shamba.

On her left, a blue crystal chalice appeared. It had ice overflowing from it and falling on the ground.

In front of her was a red crystal chalice with fiery little flames burning in it.

On her left, a black metal chalice floated with an array of knife blades sticking out of it. There were curved blades, serrated blades, narrow blades …

“That doesn’t really help much ..” Shamba muttered to herself.

What choice was it, burning to death, death by edged weapons or freezing to death?

“That’s it!” Shamba grabbed the blue crystal chalice with both hands.

“Oh, that’ s not so bad!” she said to herself as she became very cold, turned blue and fell over frozen solid.



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