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These pages were written for the many forum people who have asked me  .."How do I do that"? They're not really meant as a guide to building web pages .... just a guide to having fun on the forums.

I've written them to show some of the neato stuff you can do at the StudiosUSA,  Network54, Slipstream and BraveNet forums ... or anywhere else you post that is HTML friendly. Each site is different, so you may need to experiment a bit. I'll let you know about specific things to watch out for as we go along.

FAQ Sites

UBB codes

StudiosUSA, Slipstream, AndromedaTV Message Boards - currently won't let you use HTML, but *will* let you use UBB, a simplified hypertext language written by  Ultimate Bulletin Board

StudiosUSA Notes and FAQs

  • 2/28/00 even newer server still doesn't remember preferences.
  • 10/20/99 - newest server at the forum doesn't seem to be recognizing any preference updates ...
  • The next time this forum goes down, send email to The Powers That Be at StudiosUSA - (actually, don't -  they've been getting touchy about that.. But keep the addy handy in case of other, um, problems ..).
  • 10/7/99 - Xena forum not flip flopping, still need to keep "Show all Topics"
  • 7/14/99 - major weirdness occurring. Xena Board hint: Select "Show all Topics" and you should see topics again. The order seems to flip flop, if you can get in at all...
  • Want to know how to tell which topics have new posts since the last time you logged in? (I'm sure you'll need to have cookies  enabled for this to work) This method works with Windows 95, 98, NT and Netscape 4.08 and Internet Explorer 5.0.
  • Click on the link at the top right of the board, StudioUSA Message Boards. It will take you to the Intro Message Board.
  • At the top of the screen you'll arrive at, you'll see profile|register|preferences|faq|search Refresh/reload your browser.
  • Select preferences. Scroll down. Click on "Submit Preferences" (as far as I can tell, you don't need to actually change anything ...)
  • After you are taken back to the main board that has both Hercules and Xena boards, select the board you'd like to go to.
  • Refesh/reload your browser. The Topics folders that come up in red on the left side are topics with new messages since you initially logged on.
  • Topics with newest posts are at top of list
  • You'll be a "New Member" until you've posted 30 messages. Then on the 31st message, you'll be a "Member". Short of being a moderator or admin, this is as far as you go.
  • Looks like each topic 'is' a thread - so if you want to reply to someone in the reply list, unless you're the one following the post you are replying to, you'll need to cut 'n paste the original question, or holler that person's name. Or both .. Doin something to distinguish their question from your reply helps too ... see UBB.
  • With Netscape you need to 'reload/refresh' alot more often than with IE5 .. unless you change your preferences to check for updated info every time.
  • The Message Board can extend over several pages ... check the bottom right hand corner of the page.
  • To get back to top level of posts, go to either the top right hand corner of the screen and select a folder or go to the bottom right hand corner of the screen and 'Hop to' your destination.
  • After you post, when you look at what you just posted you'll see three symbols (2 if your email's not available in Profile)
  • First one (profile.gif (110 bytes)) is your Profile. Here you can check how many times someone has posted or see if they have more personal info available.
  • Second one (email.gif (119 bytes))  is email addy, if available.
  • Third one (edit.gif (156 bytes)) is the all important Edit button. You can only edit your own posts. And once you're in the edit menu, you can now delete too, if you check the box: 

    Delete? To delete this post, check this box. Delete option has been removed. Only admins can delete at StudiosUSA and SlipStream

So far, I've found five StudiosUSA "Front Doors":



  • Net54 will italicize a word for you if you enclose it in asterisks.
  • Net54 will underline a word for you if you surround it with underline marks
    •  example   _underline_
  • Net54 now defaults to HTML mode, so you don't have to choose or not choose.
  • Net54 does weird things if you add your own paragraph tags. It doesn't recognize "end paragraph" tags.
  • Net54 now lets you preview your post - if you are trying to use HTML, please preview ;)..
  • if you select the "Read All Posts" option (which shows all posts sequentially in full instead of in outline form) no matter what post you are responding to, it make a new topic post instead of a parking the reply where it belongs.


Gone but not forgotten

  • Universal Classic forums -
    • They seem to be gone for good now.
    • Alot of people have problems replying on the Universal Classic boards if they have AOL. If you have AOL and are getting an 'Internal Server Error' when attempting to post all you need to do is download a full working version of Internet Explorer from Microsoft instead of using the aftermarket AOL IE version. Then you can post ....
    • UniClassic is no longer registering new users ... the only people who can post are people who've registered already ... but everyone can read posts ...
    • As of July 14, 1999, I'm no longer seeing the forum graphics ... but it could be me!
    • UniClassic forums have two resident monsters, Spooler monster  and Throttle monster. Occasionally, we've even seen others, briefly. Do not keep posting if you see these error messages. Most of the time, your message will be lost, but occasionally, it won't and we have a real jumble of duplicate posts arrive all at one.
    • If you want to "test post", post under an already posted "test" thread - that way, they'll be all together ...


  • MCA/Ichat hates the combination of letters "HTTP". If you are trying to post a link there, leave out the HTTP part - instead of

    you'll need to put

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