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Ahhh ... these can be tricky depending on which forum you are using, so, I'll do this forum by forum ... and some of this is repeating what I said earlier, but it's easier to see when it's all together ...

StudiosUSA, Slipstream, AndromedaTV Message Boards:

HTML is not enabled - they are using something similar called UBB.

  • To put in a hyperlink to a website:


(your result will be Ask 'shana - Shoshana's site)


[url=http://members.tripod.com/askshana/]Ask 'shana[/url]

(your result will be Ask 'shana)

  • To put in an email addy:



[email=askshana@usa.net]Shoshana[/email] (to be tested further .... the forum is flaky right now)

  • To bring in a picture stored elsewhere on the web:


remember - only link to images you have permission to link to.


Network54 -

has HTML enabled, unless you push the radio button to turn it off. 

It will put in your paragraph marks, change words to italics when you enclose the word in asterisks, and finally - it will turn emoticons into smilies etc, like the StudiosUSA Board.

Without selecting the HTML button, you can operate just like the Classic Uni forum.

Type http://members.tripod.com/askshana/ .

It won't be a hyperlink, but readers can copy it and paste it into the address part of their browser.

If you select the HTML button, you can either type


and it will be a hyperlink (note the underline) or you can get fancy and type (all one line, it may wrap on your screen tho)

<a href="http://members.tripod.com/askshana/">Ask 'shana</a>

in which case your link will look like this - Ask 'shana .


Bravenet Forums -

Just like Network54 

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