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posted October 18, 1999 01:41 AM

HI all!
Just got back from SF con. It was a blast. Kev looked gorgeous in his tight black t-shirt & black exercise pants & red cap (although i wish he could have taken off the cap just once)--he said that he had a late night and just got there 10 minutes before he was schedule to go on. Someone asked him if he owned the Ares doll, and he joked that "no, but I do own a nice blow-up doll." What a hoot. Danielle was perfect and soooo excited to be here--one funny thing i remember her talking about (besides her previous profession before becoming an actress--a whore ;-), was that she was taking pics of a bridge thinking it was the Golden Gate, unitl she realized that the red bridge on the otherside of her was the actual GGB. I missed part of Joel because I was late :-(, but what I saw, he seemed cool, joking that yes, he is tan, not white like his character.
The costume contest was cool--"Cupid" finally won first place, tying w/classic Xena & Gabby. For the junior contest, a little girl dressed like Solan won (she was really cute).
That's all I can remember for now--i hope that someone can fill in the gaps.
see ya~~bacchante

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