batrochides part 3

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posted October 21, 1999 09:28 PM

Apologies are in order for my tardiness, and so without further ado...

After the intermission came the Ares video tribute, shown to "Bad to the Bone". As might be expected, every shot of Smithy in his "I'm a bad boy" or "Ares god of romance" expressions brought shrieks of delight from the ladies in the audience. When the man himself walked onto the stage, there was a big round of applause; but I suspect that the crowd was slightly more subdued than if Kevin's only appearance was for that afternoon. KS wore a black tee shirt, black warmup pants, and a red baseball cap turned 'round. He struck me as a very laid-back, easygoing guy, not one to sweat the little things, and a real charmer. Picture, if you will, Ares after a couple of ales, in a mellow mood, and I think you'll capture Smithy's RL persona, at least on this occasion! (If, as has been reported, he's been recovering from the flu, I have real respect for his good-naturedness during the Con.) KS was unfailingly polite, addressing the questioners as "mate", and repeating softly-spoken questions for the benefit of the audience. He stated that he would appear on at least two more Xena eps, but this poster wasn't sure if he meant two more eps *from now* or in the future. His NZ accent is quite noticable, but he showed that he could slide instantly into Ares's American when called for. I felt that Kevin Smith, if he chose, could be a great stand-up comic to supplement his acting and singing pursuits, as he had fine timing when answering questions in a humorous vein. One person asked him what his strangest fan request was, and KS related how, early in his career, some one wrote him a nice letter asking him for another, better-known star's autograph; Kevin made gestures miming the destruction of that particular request! All too soon, the MC was observed sliding to the side of the stage with the "one minute" signal, and Kevin at length departed to the prolonged cheers of his many fans.

I'll continue as soon as I can. As I've said in my previous posts, additions and corrections are very welcome.

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