The Sov Survival Kit

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The Sov's Love Toy Keeper
posted November 01, 1999 02:43 PM

Okay, sorry about the delay in doing this guys.

One of my many endearing memories of the con was Kendaa presenting me with a Sov Survival Kit put together by her Stripe and Fayee, on Saturday morning. I cried (yeah, BIIIIG surprise). Anyway, for those of you who are curious. Here is what was in it:

bTW-these were individually wrapped packages each with its own label. {{{{{{{{{{{{{Kendaa, Stripe and Fayee)

1. "an important Amazonian Weapon, disguised as a hair ornament or eating implements (for pygmy amazons)"-On a set of hair pins (or miniature chop sticks)

2. "An essential part of the sLTK's equipment!", on a package of "10 Scary nainls" (long black Halloween nails).

3. "Storage for Sov's back scratching taggs-after you're done for the day.", on a pouch for storing the Halloween Nails.

4. "Satin Sheets can be slippery--avoid injury", on a pad to prevent sheet slippage.

5. "For those times when the Sov forget his own strength in his excitement-damage control", on a dent puller. LOLOLOL.

6. "Emergency Repair for Amazons who visit with the Sovereign", on a set of HEAVY duty needles, including a sail needle and a curved matress needle.

7. "Made from SORBOlene and glycerin-good for a smooth rub down", on a lovely scented bar of soap.

8. "Another essential iten for the SLTK-the Sov will be wild for this one"-on a (I think, yard long) black licorice whip (hehehe)

9. "All amazons need one along with the drool bucket", on a japanese style fan.

10. "Should help in looking after the love toyes-use generously"-on a tube of leather Dew (cleans/polishes leather)

11. "Now, if all else fails and you can't calm Sov down, opn this and administer one at a time and call Stripe-she always has more!! -LMAO" on a package of dark chocolate Tim Tams.. {{{{{{{{{{{stripe}}}}}-the Sov and I have already enjoyed a few of these.

12. "These are to make sure you send te Sovereign back to his favorite in the same condition you received him in!! Stripe knows how many studs and where they are"-on a package of heavy duty STUDS. LOLOLOL.

and finally,

13. "And if all else fails"-on a package of velcro (I assume to, ah, "facilitate" the unfastening of certain things).

Kendaa, Stripe and Fayee,


Lil, the SLTK.

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