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Dear Diary
by Rose

Dear Diary,

It's our first night here in Lost Wages. I'm nervous. After dinner, and a little dancing and gambling, Omar went right to sleep. I'm surprised, but a little relieved. I don't know that I could be what he expects. How can I be in that kind of situation without exposing my identity?

And he seems a little more stand-offish than I expected. Even my Omar is more relaxed. I don't understand. He's not like the other Ladybug told me he'd be.

On the business end of things, the chancellors have stuck me going to all the classes for them. This gives me little time to observe their actions. Fortunately, they seem to be hooked on the casinos. Perhaps I won't need to do as much direct monitoring as I anticipated. At least Autolycus will be there too, although I don't know if he can be trusted, given the large amounts of money floating around out there that will surely capture his attention.

We'll see how things go. Omar looks so peaceful while he's sleeping. In fact, he's quite still. If I didn't know better I'd say he wasn't even breathing. I must get to bed. He'll suspect something if I don't join him soon. Good night.

Posted on Aug 27 1999, 12:06 PM

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