The CAP: The Grateful Dead

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The CAP: The Grateful Dead
by Shoshana

Shoshana crossed her arms and grinned. This was the best party she'd ever thrown. All the Debs had come together and helped her finish decorating. Since HoD had been nice enough to provide costumes, no one had to worry about what they would wear. The band was really rockin' ... Jerry Garcia was in fine form.

The non-caloric food was a big hit too - imagine being able to eat all the chocolate you wanted without any sort of repercussions? Chocolate covered berries, cookies and cakes were being devoured by the happy Debs. The Debs were not only eating and dancing, they were enjoying an unending supply of 'shine that 'shana had stashed for a special occasion. And this was it - the First Annual Halloween Reanimation Event and Extravaganza.

The Amazons were soon in pursuit of their favorite Hunters and Gods. The guys didn't seem to be trying to hide very well though. Shoshana walked through the hall and checked on the food and drink levels. She grabbed a mug of 'shine and began drinking as she continued to look around. Bt and The Engineer seemed to be having an intense discussion about something near the philodendron while sipping their 'shine. The level One Debs were forming a conga line and were even trying to pursuade a few  red shirted Hunters to join. Some of the upper level Debs had already found dark corners to investigate. Everyone else was busy eating and drinking, laughing and talking about how they had became ghosts. Even the rats were enjoying themselves - crumbs and 'shine had been left out just for them,

Although the food was non-caloric, the 'shine was soon proving to be extra-potent.

Debs began weaving around and giggling uncontrollably. Soon, all that was heard was gentle snoring and the band playing "Not Fade Away" ........

Posted on Nov 02 1999, 01:51 PM

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