The CAP - Lady Pegasus takes action

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The CAP - Lady Pegasus takes action
by LdyPegasus

Lady Pegasus sat at her desk. Ok, she thought, the CA's tricked the Chancellors into going to Lost Wages so they could take over. She'd sent a messenger pidgeon to them but wasn't hopeful at getting a reply. In fact she was pretty sure the bird would end up on somone's spit roasting over a fire before it was ever able to get a message back to her. How she hated when a fellow winged creature fell to the hands of man. Or woman for that matter. The poor bird may have never made it off the grounds of Deb U before some overactive Deb practicing her archery had taken its life. Of course no one would ever admit to it, but she was fairly sure the bird was never going to accomplish its task. Deciding the best course of action was to post an announcement she reaching into her top drawer and withdrew a blank parchment. Now all I have to take is retake control, and not let the Debs know that Omar is still here. Not too hard. Now where is my quill pen? Searching the desk she was unable to find a single quill pen anywhere. In fact, a great many things were missing. What were her assistants doing? Looting the place? Resigned and aware of how crucial this announcement would be, she reached behind her and plucked one of her own beautiful wing feathers. Self mutilation was not a habit she enjoyed or even partook of but this was an emergency! Reaching for her ink pot she was dismayed to find it empty. Now all of her assistants knew she liked it kept full with her favorite giant squid ink. How would she ever get this announcement written>? After thoroughly searching the entire room and finding nothing that could be used as ink (and deciding that donating one feather was fine but giving her own blood was beyond the limits) she decided to find a Deb to help her. Walking into the hallway she spied AmAzOn. As soon as AmAzOn saw the Chancellor looking in her direction, she got that classic "deer in the headlamps of a quickly approaching chariot" look. Hesitantly AmAzOn approached Lady Pegasus when she was beckoned. Oh well she thought, she can't be all bad. In fact as far as Chancellors went she wasn't bad at all. And she had won the Miss Congeniality Winter Solstice contest during it's first running when she was just a lowly Deb herself.

"Oh Lady Pegasus, I didn't know you were back."
"Oh yes. I'm just trying to get caught up and get things back on track, but I can't seem to find any of my assistants. Do you know where they might be?"
"Well I know Calee is busy redecorating her suites, er, I mean her room. She had a little party with some of the guys from WWF and it was a bit of a mess after that."
"WWF? Was Rock there? How about Edge?"
When LadyPegasus saw the confused look on AmAzOn's face she decided to let the questions pass, but she made a mental note to ask Calee all about it later.
"Well how about LonesomeDove?"
"Last I heard she was in the lower Dungeons doing work on Hunters to see how they react to various types of pain."
"Oh yes, she did say something about wanting to change her major didn't she? Well I guess I'm assistant-less as Kimba is still of doing spy work, I mean 'research' on the various Universities throughout New Greeceland."
"Oh no, Kimba's back!"
"She is????? Well send her here right away!"
"Um, I think it may be awhile. You see the last time I saw her she was covered in chocolate from head to toe and the other CA's were taking care of her. Something about being delirious from her long journey and a severe case of sugar overdose."
"Oh my. I hope the students who are enrolled in the medical courses are gentle with her. But I still need help. AmAzOn, would you be willing to assist me with something?"
AmAzOn was silently beating herself for ever cutting class and being the only student in the hallway when LadyPegasus had appeared. Serves me right she thought.
"Um, I guess so."
"Great! Now I couldn't find any quill pens so I had to pluck one of my own feathers. Then I couldn't find any ink and I'm not about to spill my own blood for that so......."
The look of horror that crossed AmAzOns face was enough to do even ARes proud.
"Um, I think that's against my religion. Yep, that's it....against my religion. My blood letting, I'm positive I read that somewhere. Let me run and get you a red shirted Hunter. Just the thing to solve your little problem"
And with that AmAzOn was off and running. Geez, thought Lady Pegasus. I wasn't asking her to donate blood, or even someone else's blood. I just wanted someone to run to the student store and pick me up a container of ink. Am I ever going to get this parchment filled out and the announcement posted? With a sigh Lady Pegasus turned and went back into her office. Maybe if she checked one more time she'd be able to find something to work.

Lady Pegasus

Posted on Sep 30 1999, 02:51 AM

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