Don't look now.

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Don't look now..
by Harbinger of Death

“This is a beautiful hotel,” Shoshana commented. “I’m glad we came here.”

“Yeah, this is probably our best bet for preventing our own murders,” said Lil. “I haven’t been killed by the Harbinger before, but I’m a little apprehensive about it.”

“You realize we’re just wasting our time,” said Shiva. “He’ll find us anyway.”

“Then why did you come?” Shoshana asked.

“I hear the restaurant here has a great Lobster Bisque.”

“Well, bisque notwithstanding, we need to check in. I say we get a nice big suite. It’s only for a few days until Halloween is over and the danger has passed.” Aeaea rang the bell at the front desk to summon the clerk.

“This place is deserted,” said Lil. “It gives me the creeps.”

“It’s the off-season,” Aeaea explained, and rang the bell harder. “Helloooo? Anyone home?”

Suddenly they heard a raspy voice say “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” A figure dressed in dark clothing and wearing a Jack Nicholson mask jumped out in front of them, swinging an axe maniacally. Before they could do anything, the Debs were hacked in their stomachs and left bleeding on the floor. “Hee hee,” said the axe man, and hopped off to hatch another plan.

The weather was really awful. The rain was coming down in sheets, and the wind could knock you off your feet if you weren’t careful. KhanMan, Beck, Helle, Lupus and Flipper were running for the nearest house they could spot through the torrential downpour.

“Hurry!” said KhanMan. “This way!” He led them to an old farmhouse and they somehow found the cellar doors, running down the steps to shelter.

“This is horrible!” Beck said. “I’ve never seen a storm like this in my life!”

“That’s the last time I go on a hayride,” said Flipper, wringing the water from her hair. “Imagine, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere and getting stuck in this awful weather.”

“You’re telling me,” said Helle. “Besides, the hay is murder on my allergies. My sinuses are killing me.”

“Are you sure we’ll be safe down here?” asked Lupus, glancing at the cellar door, which had begun rattling loudly.

“I’ll lock it,” said KhanMan, and reached for the bar. But the wind whipped the door open and he was sucked outside. “AAAAAAAAH!” he cried, hanging on for dear life.

The other Debs ran over and grabbed him, forming a chain, tugging with all their strength to try and retrieve him. However, they were no match for the forces of nature, and they only saw the dim outline of a monstrous twister before all five of them were dragged into the heart of it and ripped to shreds inside the funnel.

Elsewhere, a group of Debs was entirely unaware that the same storm was headed their way.

“Do you think this walkway will really make students come to class more often?” asked Lyric.

“Maybe not, but at least they won’t have the excuse that it was too muddy,” said Bluetopaz.

“Get outta here, ya little runts!” Jackie shouted, shaking her fist at the bushes, which were shaking as though someone had just run through them.

“What was that all about?” Eeyoraus wondered.

“It’s those damned midgets again,” said Antares. “They keep coming around and trying to sing to us.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Lyric said. “Sing to you?”

“Yeah, and it’s damned annoying,” Jackie said, laying down another brick in the walkway.

“You’re always trying to boss us!” came a voice from the bushes. It sounded like someone had been breathing helium. “You won’t get away with it forever, you know.”

“Aw, bugger off!” The amazons shook their fists at the unseen little people. Then they all noticed a change in the air.

“Seems like the wind is picking up,” said Eeyoraus. “I wonder if a storm is coming.”

“Holy moley, look at that!!” Antares pointed to a huge twister that was headed their way with tremendous speed. They could hear it roaring as it demolished everything it touched.

“Uh….Bt? Can I still hide behind you?” Lyric inched behind the chancellor. The twister was spewing debris everywhere, and out shot a very, very, very large object.

“Hon, ain’t nothin’ gonna stop that thing,” said Bluetopaz, her eyes wide as a shadow fell on them. THUNK!!! It landed directly on top of the hapless Debs. And the whirlwind roared on, gone as quickly as it had come.

One by one, all the tiny people in the bushes came out to see what had befallen their foes. All they saw were five pairs of feet sticking out from under a house.

October 26 2000 

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