EB's brain gets a work-out

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EB's brain gets a work-out
by Harbinger of Death 

 “I have an idea,” said the Easter Bunny.

“What’s that?” asked the Harbinger of Death.

“We should have a theme.”

“What kind of theme?”

“Like, make all the deaths have something in common. Give us a particular M.O. for this year.” He was pretty proud of himself for thinking of it.

Harbinger looked at the bunny. “Do you even know what M.O. stands for?”

“Um.” Bunny shifted a little. “Dude, I can’t remember, but I know what it means. It’s like a trademark or something, like an autograph, so everybody knows it was you.”

“Good enough. So what did you have in mind?”

The Easter Bunny blinked. “I dunno. I just came up with the M.O. part. I figured you’d do the rest.”

Harbinger suppressed a sigh. His friend was the personification of the fried-egg, “This is your brain on drugs” thing. “Well, let’s think about this. Maybe we could use the same weapon on them all.”

“Nah, not enough latitude.”

“Agreed. Perhaps, then, we could go by alphabetical order.”

“Too boring.”

“Maybe we could pay tribute to the great assassinations of history.”

Bunny thought about it. “Didn’t they mostly just get shot?”

“Good point. Can we use that concept, though, in a different way?” HoD patiently schooled his assistant to expand his deathly thinking.

“We could…copycat somebody else instead? Some serial slashers maybe?” EB brightened.

“We could do that. While there are some good ones in the history books, where else do we find creative killing?”

“In the movies!” Bunny snapped his fingers. “Yeah, man, that’s it! We’ll kill everybody like in the movies!” He paused (pawsed?) and frowned. “Wait a minute, most everybody in the movies just gets shot up, too.”

“You’re only thinking of the action films,” said Harbinger. “There’s quite a bit more out there.”

“But in the horror movies, they just get sliced up. Not much fun, since it’s been done so much already.”

“Think past the horror movies. There are several noteworthy deaths that have been created by Hollywood. This is going to be fun. We’ll call it a Silver Screen Halloween.” Harbinger was satisfied with the decision. “Why don’t you run to the video store and check out some movies, not of the horror genre, and explore some options before we begin. I’ll go ahead and get started while you come up with something.”

“Okay!” Bunny started for the door. “Wait a minute, can I use your card? Mine got cut up a long time ago. I kept forgetting to return my tapes.”

Harbinger reached into his wallet and handed over his video card.

“And, uh…do you have a few bucks?” EB was a little embarrassed. But HoD gave him some cash and waved good-bye amiably before trotting off to swipe a few souls. Time was running out…only a week and a half before Halloween.

Harbinger thought about who to kill first. There were plenty of newbies to dazzle this year with his assassination skills. But he decided it would be best to let them witness a few gruesome deaths, so they could appreciate it more. Perhaps a few seasoned pros would best be taken first, to set a good example for the others. He’d start simple, too, and work his way up to the more complex scenes.

October 20 2000 

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