Up A Lazy River

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Up A Lazy River
October 18 2003 at 12:19 PM
Harbinger of Death 

“Okay, you’re up. You know what to do? Hello? Are you listening to me?” Harbinger snapped his bony fingers in front of Sloth’s face, who lazily looked over at the source of the sound.

“Yeah, yeah,” Sloth said. “But how will I find them?”

“That’s your problem. You’re the specialist.”

Sloth scowled and ambled slowly toward campus. Harbinger fought back the urge to fire the guy and do everything himself. He realized this would be best left to his assistants and decided to give Sloth a chance.

Sloth paused for a moment, searching for something with his special sense. He nodded and made a circle in the air with his hand. Inside the circle, he could see the visages of Skeezix, Pandora, Channdrah, Faith Ayn, Intrigue, Honey Bunch, Melly_Vanelly, Kymscrazy, ReverseFlash, HanSolo, Shadywood, and Lessa.

Though they all were technically in different places, their essences were summoned by the circle. They felt tired…heavy…unmotivated to do anything. They stopped whatever they were doing and just stared into space.

Harbinger could see their faces slacken and their eyes glaze over. He could tell the magic was working.

One by one, the victims felt no need to move, to think… and then even to breathe. Their hearts slowed to a stop and their vacant expressions became fixed to their countenances in death.

Sloth uncorked an amber crystal bottle and all twelve souls straggled into the opening. He placed the cork back in and turned to HoD. “Here, you take it back, would you?” he said. “I really don’t feel like it.”

HoD sighed and took the bottle back to the mansion.


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