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October 19 2003 at 2:01 PM
Harbinger of Death 

“I don’t like this plan.”

The Harbinger of Death eyed his assistant patiently. “When you signed on, you understood that I designate the hits, and you carry them out in your fashion.”

“I won’t do it!” Anger’s eyes flashed.

“Save it for the kill. You’re wasting precious energy. I hired you because you’re skilled and because I knew you can do the job. Are you going to prove me wrong now?”

Anger settled slightly. “Of course not. Of course I can do the job.”

“Indeed. Here are the targets. They’re ready for you now.”

She looked at the outline of the plans and stalked toward her prey. She found them at the Battlefield, where axman was fuming about the state of the place.

“Look at all this. Where’s all the food? She used all the good food. And there’s not near enough cash in the tills for all the inventory that’s gone. What did she do, give everything away?” He kicked an empty box across the room.

“Don’t worry,” said Bluetopaz. “There’s nothing here that’s not fixable.”

Anger stood near Bluetopaz and waved a gnarled hand over her head. Bt’s eyes narrowed. “This is fixable, whereas my computer crash is not, you ungrateful little brat,” she snarled.

“What’s with you?” said Keleos. “I’m the one with the stress levels out of control, what with us trying to move.”

“And those big fish tanks don’t cart around easily,” added Daemon.

“You’re all so self-centered!” axman shouted. Anger was passing by each of them, pulling intangible strings of fury from them. “Can’t you see I’ve got a mess on my hands? Can’t you see my privacy has been invaded and my livelihood has been attacked?”

“What about the years of my work that went down the drain?” Bluetopaz fumed. “I painstakingly took record of everything that went on around here, and now it’s gone. Vanished. Forever!” She put her hands over her face and screamed.

“I can’t take that noise!” Daemon said. “I get enough of that at home!”

“What are you talking about?” Keleos said, whirling around. “If you insult me again, I swear I’ll kill you!”

They argued and shouted, even began pushing and shoving each other, and Anger cackled with glee. She became more and more visible to them until she stood completely solid before them, yet they barely seemed to care. They were intent on causing each other harm.

Anger viewed the scene with satisfaction, her eyebrows knitted and her mouth fixed in a snarl, gnashing her teeth. “Good,” she hissed. “Don’t you feel as though you could just explode?”

With a swipe of her clawed hands, she raked the air all around them and there was a deafening BOOM, with sparks flying everywhere like a fireworks display. Scorch marks and bits of tattered clothing were all that remained. Anger took out her flame-orange crystal bottle and four clusters of sparks zoomed inside.


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