Got a light?

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Got a light?

October 3 2006 at 4:47 AM

Ladybug glanced at the pyre approvingly. "I'll take it," she told the woman, who grinned and began pushing buttons to get the thing ready.

"Which would you like?" she said, pointing to the cans.

"Gasoline, I guess, unless you've got something more flammable."

Another grin, and the woman grabbed a bright orange can. "Go on up."

Ladybug climbed the stairs and hopped down onto the metal grate. The attendant put her wrists into the shackles and then squirted her with the foul-smelling liquid from the orange can.

Once down on the ground, the woman wheeled away the stairs and pushed more buttons. There was a little "foom" as the pilot light ignited. The flames grew higher and higher, and engulfed Ladybug. She began to scream and laugh simultaneously. It wasn't long until she was blackened and quiet.

Standing (or hovering) nearby, newly-spectral Ladybug gazed at her carbonized body, which the attendant woman was now tossing down into the dumpster. She looked down at her spirit self and said, "Well, I wanted a see-through top, but this is ridiculous!" With a shrug and a chuckle, she went off to find the snacks and movies.


I'll have to think about my epitaph and get back to you. I do so love fire, I couldn't resist this one, although I almost went with the vampire.


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