Too Busy for Death

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Too Busy for Death

October 3 2006 at 10:47 AM

"Bt? Why are you sitting in this stuffy office? It's a beautiful Autumn day outside and HoD has arrived for his yearly visit!"

"Leave me alone, Moira!" Bt mumbled from behind a huge ledger book. "I'm too busy to play games with HoD this year. The big audit and review by the bank is coming up and I have to get these papers in order. The damn foot problems has put me so far behind already I'll have to work night and day to catch up."

"He's not going to excuse your from his yearly visit because of paper work." The goddess said as she calmly swept the book and papers to the floor.

"Moira! That was three days work you knocked over!"

"Good," Moira replied. "Now get out there and pick a quick death. For once be a good example to the rest of the students."

Still grumbling, Bt with the ledger tucked under her arm found herself in the middle of the DeathFest surrounded by several booths extolling various ways of dying. "I can't waste the time picking one out from all these choices." she grumbled and went up to the one directly in front of her. "So do it and get it over with so I can get back to work." she directed at the woman running the booth.

"But you have to choose which wild thing you want to take your life." The woman gestured towards the various cages.

Bt checked out the cages of the vicious animals and still couldn't make a decision. Suddenly she saw one cage that appeared to be empty. "I'll take that one." She smiled slyly as she called back to the woman.

"Are you sure?" The woman responded.

"Sure." Bt replied. "It's empty so what could possibly hurt me in there?"

"Very well," the woman responded, "Good Death to you!" She called out as she pulled the lever separating the cage from the glass chamber.

Nothing happened! So Bt sat down on the floor and opened the ledger. "I may as well get June totaled up since nothing seems to be happening."

"Ouch! What was that?" Bt looked down at her leg and saw a very small red welt. And angry little flea hopped off her leg and back into the holding cage.

"Oh, I don't feel so good!" Bt murmured as her leg began to swell. Soon red welts appeared all over her body, swelling painfully and bursting to pour putrid puss out on the floor of glass chamber. Carefully Bt closed the ledger and shoved it away from the body fluids puddled around her. "Crap! I've got the plague." she croaked through the rasping coughs that racked her body.

Being careful to keep one hand on the ledger she turned on her side to peer out at the smirking woman who ran the booth, closed her eyes and expired.

The shade of Bt still holding the ledger got up and calmly walked through the glass to stand in line with the other recently deceased who waited for the door of the after death party house to open.

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