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October 3 2006 at 7:28 AM

Shoshana quickly slid into the driver's seat. She looked around - no safety belt. She shrugged. She knew it wouldn't have helped anyway.

The radio looked good so she turned it on. Bass was pouring out of the woofers as 'shana cranked the stereo louder.

Putting the car into gear, she gunned the engine and nodded in approval at the feel of the powerful motor.

"Cool" she thought. Lots of horsepower.

One of her favorite driving fast songs came on the radio.

Golden Earring "Radar Love".

'shana turned the radio as loud as it would go. It wasn't like she had to worry about either her hearing or blowing the speakers.

Off she went. Around and around the small track until the car felt like it was shaking apart.

A slight adjustment was all that was needed for 'shana to head for the alley at top speed.

Almost before she could blink there was a tremendous


as the car hit the wall and exploded.

A ghostly 'shana grinned as she made her way out of the alley and off the track.

That was fun! she thought.

"Thank you Harby!!!!" she called "See you at the after-party!!"



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