Friday Afternoon in SF

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Friday in San Francisco

1_13.jpg (37747 bytes)

Getting ready for picture takin

2_13.jpg (25281 bytes)

That's the Golden Gate Bridge - it's really red.

3_13.jpg (22156 bytes)

Kendaa lookin really really cool

14_13.jpg (38710 bytes)

Looks like a photo shoot to me!

5_13.jpg (29731 bytes)

Cass and Ceallach plotting

6_13.jpg (27451 bytes)

Bastet returning from a closer look at the water

7_13.jpg (24201 bytes)

Kendaa and Ceallach checkin out the wave

8_13.jpg (26266 bytes)

Bastet about to snap Kendaa and Ceallach

9_13.jpg (23030 bytes)

Poseidon 1
Cassopeia 0

10_13.jpg (29683 bytes)

That's Alcatraz in the background ..

11_13.jpg (39439 bytes)

Sea lions ...
napping and posing

12_13.jpg (24192 bytes)

Kendaa and Ceallach  watchin the sea lions

13_13.jpg (41156 bytes)

Kendaa and Ceallach still watchin the sea lions

14_13.jpg (38710 bytes)

Kendaa and Ceallach sure liked watchin 'em

15_13.jpg (39218 bytes)

Sea lions again ... still napping and posing

16_13.jpg (36616 bytes)

View from 20th Floor
of the GGHI

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