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posted October 20, 1999 12:46 AM

It appears that most of the denizens of this forum who went to the SF con only attended the Saturday show, so I'll try to take up a bit of the slack with a few admittedly brief reports.

Having read horror stories about crushing crowds, officious handlers, and ridiculously distant seating at other venues, I was pleased to discover that the Masonic Auditorium was an almost intimate setting, rather like a large academic lecture hall. Since I was in the general admission "cheap seats", this was a double pleasure, and was soon to learn that even the "great unwashed" could have a fair shot at asking questions of the stars. I felt sorry that people just one row ahead of me shelled out extra for far-back "reserved" seating that offered no real advantages unless you got seats about another ten rows forward. After a Hercules tribute video came the trivia contest, where there were more people asking Xena trivia than Herc ones (just as well to this poster, who could probably answer nine out of ten moderately-difficult X:WP questions but only five of ten of the H:TLJ-type). One questioner insisted on the panel answering the question "what were the names of the three rivers that Gabrielle had to cross in Forget Me Not?" but this proved to be impossible to do so accurately as the last river was never named. Next, Joel Tobeck made his appearance, dressed in black tee shirt and pants. He seemed like a pretty loose, good-spirited kind of guy (seemingly a hallmark of the Kiwis), and it was a real pleasure to see him outside of his Strife/Deimos roles, not acting like the "spazz" he portrays <G>. He let the audience know that the producers let him have a free rein in his development of Strife, mentioning comics such as John Cleese and Jim Carrey for his inspiration. In response to requests, he gave the notorious Strife hyena laugh, and the "tongue thing", very amusing! To this poster's question about JT finding differences between the sets of H:TLJ, YH, and the upcoming Cleopatra 2525, he indicated that there wasn't much, and that many of the crew that served on YH would be on Cleo. Altogether, a nice bonus for those who had come to see Kevin Smith and Danielle Cormack.

If anyone would like to add to or correct any of facts related, I heartily invite them to do so!

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